Ya Kid K strikes back

Ya Kid K former Technotronic spoked in a video shared on youtube channel about the rumors about her.
Ya kid K she moved in Nigeria with her family the native place were she feel home, and Wikipedia is a encyclopedia were you can find unacquired news about her. She  also said that she didn't have a myspace account, facebook, twitter, all are fake.

I really don't know who put the Ya Kid K facebook account and i'm nothing to do with  yakidk.com. I have an email address and i'm on youtube. So far that's it ...

The singer also mentioned about the music that she thinks was just  collaborations for some hit records that's all, but also she deny the rumors about her sexuality

I'm aware that many people presume to be gay.. Sorry to disappoint some of you. But i'm marry with the man of my life  and i have 5 lovely children.
When i was little, a boy.. who dress, and behave as girl -  "Possibility gay!"But when a girl behave as boy was tomboy. But i know better. ....
Or adopting Islamic type dress coat  mistaken me as a Dude
On the subject of sex and sexuality i think what consent adults do in privacy of intimate engagements is their on business!
But  i do not believe that anybody is born gay any more then people born criminals,killers, racist, addicts or child molesters  said that artist in that video.

The hole video can be seen here.

Is not only controversy that Ya kid K spread in the media, invited on 90's event in Belgium, asked if she have a friends between artists. The singer answered that she's not a social person....

About music - Ya Kid K she also recorded a few tracks who are not for sale, inspired by the country were she lives now, details here  

 Last decade I was playing around dropping vocals to instrumentals of which I do not know whom the authors are. Couldn't resist putting vocals to some beautiful music. Not for sale.



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