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Luciana join forces with Moguai

The electro queen - Luciana join forces with german producer - Moguai. Faith is the new single, done with the german producer , and it seems that will shake the hearts until it bleeds . 
This single has more meaning because was release on the big week of orthodox Easter.
Faith can be found on all digital megastores more infos here

Electro Queen Luciana, back with 2 new tracks

After the holidays spent in Italy, LUCIANA came with full battery for this amazing summer track entitled "Shine a light". The song was made in collaboration with Kenn Colt. 
 The 2nd single was made with Bonka and is entitled - Be Alive If you don't know who she is... was the voice behind of mega hit "Yeah yeah... and "Like that". Both singles can be found on all digital platforms.

Electro diva is back with Arcadia

Electro diva Luciana is back with Arcadia the music project made with dutch master in electro - Hardwell.
Arcadia is a song with a message about the importance of knowing what you want.... , and comes with  a video  inspired by Alice in Wonderland .

U B The Bass

Luciana is back ! The electro diva Luciana came back on dance scene with an amazing and is not the only music surprise but i will talk about the one who kept my attention "U B The Bass".
This track is already promoted by a video were Luciana wears a grey costume inspired i think by Loreen's video Euphoria. The tune has a message adressed to her fans : "Never give up and be who you wanna be"
"U B The Bass" was already promoted in  Australia by Ministry of Sound.
The other project was made with  The Cataracs and is entitled Big dipper preview here


Luciana comes with something new...

The britsh electro house artist - Luciana Caporaso comes this days with a commercial track it's more commercial for my taste but very nice.

The tune was made with Grammy-nominated producer - Dave Audé who did remixes for Dhany, Agnes, Rihanna,Carishma, No doubt, Charice,Girls Aloud and the list goes on..
It's the second time when Luciana works with Dave, in 2010 she helped him at "Figure It Out" but under the name Isha Coco.
 Now the electro house diva prepared something big a tune that is very different from last ones, in this one you can enjoy the beautiful voice of Luciana, "Something for the weekend" it's called the new tune and can be found  on all digital megastores.

Luciana back on track

Luci Gucci is back! The Electro house diva Luciana Caporaso comes in 2012 with an amazing tune called "Jump" the track was produced by The Cube Guys, and has the support of Bob Sinclair, David Guetta and Antoine Clamaran.
Soon on everybody lips will be "Me gusta gusta". The tune can be found onJump - Single - The Cube Guys & Luciana.

Updates & Gossip

Anita Davis(Magic Affair)It's been a while seens Anita Davis one of Magic Affair vocalist didn't came on our attention with something new!! But on her FB was posted an update were she is explaining that "she didn't want to sing for free"..."Everybody has something special and in my case my specialty- said the singer - "is singing and i don't wanna play it for free".

Luciana(BodyRox) release a new version of "I'm still hot" but this one was made with famous actress Betty White, right now is shooting an amazing video that will be released in US.

Jessy came this days with a new single called "Angel", the tune was made in collaboration with belgian dj Rebel the one responsable of 2 Brothers remix and Release me from Agnes.

Agnes presented on Scnadipop show from Dance Nation Tv her newest video "Don't break my heart". The Scandipop show can be watched every Saturday from 17 CET.

Medina,Robyn,Hadise, Alexis Jordan, Alexandra Stan were nominated at this edition of Mtv Ema 2011.

Charles Shaw, Luciana

Charles Shaw cameback with a cover after Ben E. King - Stand by me, the tune was released on itunes.
Luciana from Bodyrox shoot a new version of "I'm still hot" with american actress Betty White, the video will be available soon..

News updates

Zoë Badwi released "Accidents Happen' a new tune, recently her last single - Freefalin' is now promoted on Dance Nation Tv & Clubland TV.
"Accidents happen" the video was filmed in a Sydney street and had some incidents too, you can read the hole story here.

Dan Balan (ex Ozone)next single will be called "Freedom".

Simone Denny Love inc lead singer made a new song with Barry Harris a great club track called "Whoosh! Boom!".

Luciana (Bodyrox) will launch in May the new video "I'm still hot"

Kim Sozzi next single will be called "Little Bird" and will be released on May 24 under Ultra Records label.

Bad Jokes released a new single called "World keep tumblin' down", the tune is included on “...just a matter of time” the album. (thanks to Alessandra Ballarini)

Dance updates

Whigfield was brought in the front of the mic to record this new single "To feel Alive", an uplifting track in her own style made in collaboration with german team Oral Tunerz, and can be found on all digital megastores.

Luciana(Bodyrox) explained in recent interview that the new material is almost done, the new album includes songs wrote by her in unique style, at the moment Luciana is busy with gigs in Russia, after that is going back in studio to prepare the future material...

Dj Aligator is working on his future material, the internet is full with rumors that the new genre of his material will be vocal trance and would include also and the hitsingle "Gi Det Til Dig" .The new album will be probably out this spring .... more infos soon

Medina Great news Medina just got platinum for "Addiction" more than 500.000 units were sold. "Addiction" is the second single from Medina english material "Welcome to Medina" and the second success after "You & I."

Luciana "Is still hot"

Luciana ends an fruittifull year after "I like That" and "Shout your month" both songs  reached the poll positions in Australia & USA single charts, now another  feed back comes from the songs that she co- wrote for  Dave Aude feat. Isha Coco and Erika Jayne both tunes are on Billboard dance club chart on # 1 and # 3 this week. Recently Luciana finished a new song called "I'm Still Hot" who will be out soon on all digital platforms.

Eurodance news

Cascada is recovering after the surgery, in few weeks Natalie will be on tour again promoting her single "NN".

Luciana presented last week, on american tour, a new song called "So Hot", will be her new single !? more here.

Robert Abigail the belgian dj who worked with Agnes & 2Brothers on the 4th Floor, is releasing a new single "City Where The Party's On".

September's new single "Resuscitate Me" is # 1 on Itunes dance charts.

Bad Boys Blue recorded new vocals for "Show Me The Way (Re-Recorded 2010)" which will be featured on the polish edition of "25".

Look Twice This week, Look Twice "Move That Body 2010" hit #2 in iTunes Dance charts in Sweden. We can help them doing better !


Luciana (Bodyrox) is very busy lately after her success with "I like that" in the US, Luciana shares a little bit from her success and with other international divas such Kylie, (who wrote "Cupid boy" for the album "Aphrodite") and  Nicole Scherzinger. The material will be out next year  ...

Sylvia Tosun, Luciana, Jam & Spoon, Alice Deejay

Sylvia Tosun new single "Above all" was last week # 6 in Billboard Dance Charts, the single it's from her recent Ep with the same name "Above all" and includes 5 tracks and the newest single  "World Keeps Turning".

Luciana gave an interview where she talks about her music & big success of "I like that". Luciana recently wrote a track for Kylie's new material "Aphrodite",the tune is called "Cupid Boy", The hole interview can be listen here

Jam & Spoon A new remix of Jam & Spoon single "Be angeled" was released and can be found on all digital megastores.

Alice Deejay till of Dutch project Alice Deejay return , a new dance project M25 covered Dj Jurgen & Alice's success Better of Alone, the new version can be found here.

Luciana,Sylvia Tosun, Snap!

Luciana Her single "I like that" pulsates with new remixes in US music market, the remix pack is called "I Like That (ant Brooks Remixes)"  and was released out on August 29, the most amazing part of "I like that" it's the fact that the video promotion was made with low buget and now hits  the  charts all over the world.

Sylvia Tosun  delivers a new single "World Keeps Turning" a song from her new EP "Above All". Sylvia once again shows that classic music and dance music can be combinate and from this "chemical reaction" can arise a great EP. The material was made on Sea to Sun Records where co-owns with producer/songwriter Anton Bass. "Above All-EP" can be found here.

Snap! Penny Ford lead singer gave an exclusive interview to, where talks about the Snap! and how "The Power!" was born.

TRANERGY EXCLUSIVE Interview with Penny Ford (First Singer of "SNAP!") from Tranergy on Vimeo.

Thanks to Lars


Luciana(Bodyrox) the electro punk pionner is back in studio preapring a new stuff with "Dave Aude". After a hot summer with gucci gucci and dolars bill, Luciana once again proved that is does not matter if you are a top 40 artist with a little help and devotion from your fans everything is possible, her latest single "I like that" was awarded with Platinium in Australia, and now is preparing a new single that for sure will blow up the stereos and the world wide charts.