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Dance updates

Veronathe pop/dance project from Czech Republic just release their new single "If only you", a senseless track about love and combined with Markéta voice.
The tune will be included on Verona's english album that will be ready for release this Spring.

In-Grid When you say In-grid you think automatically at "Tu es foutou" & "In Tango" two tracks  released in 2003 with massive impact on  international charts.
"Lounge Musique" is the new material and will be released this days on all digital megastores.

Double You "Definitely sure" is the the new single from Double You, a track who sounds like Bobby McFerrin's hit "Don't worry be happy" and is moving away from the Double You 90's sounds, it's a pop/ rock tune that William Naraine prepared a video , more details here.

Bad Boys Blue MS Project made a cover after Bad Boys Blue hit "You're a Woman", the single can be found on their material "The 80's Remixes Collection".

Sash! "Stay" was covered by Den J Rose and the preview of the single can be listen here.

U96, LayZee, Cascada, In-Grid

Alex C bring out this year his dance project U96, for this comaback Alex made a new version of his hit "Das Boot 2010".More infos about the single here .

LayZee made a song for German Superstar finalist Carlotta Truman, the song it's called "All in the game" and was release as a anthem for World Cup 2010. Infos here .

Cascada Snappers the dance project from Saifan Music made a cover after Cascada hit "Pyromania". Don't forget to vote for Cascada at Video Music Awards was nominated this year for the Best Dance Video. Infos here.

In-Grid's single "Vive le swing" is #1 on top of downloads at Dj Tunes this week.

2 Fabiola, Milk inc, Kim Leoni, Liz Kay, In-Grid, Spike

2Fabiola Patrick Claesen & Co are releasing a new single after a long period of time, the tune is called "Push It Up" and will be dropped out on July 5th. 2 Fabiola was founded in 1991 by Pat Krimson and Oliver Adams and took a break till 2007 when released with Katie Michaelson the single "Straight 2 the top". The new formula is made by Pat Krimson producer, Loredana de Amicis and Viola Furleo-Semeraro vocals.

Milk inc The new single from Milk inc "Chasing the wind" was played Friday on Regi Show MNM dance. The single will be official release in Belgium on July 9 under Ars Production. Regi is working on the future Milk inc album who will be released later this year. A preview of the song here.

Kim Leoni just announced on her official my space account her next single will be called "Contact" and will love to do a featuring with Grammy winner Lady Gaga. "My dream is to work with Lady GaGa, I'm sure she's a fun person to be around." explains Kim's in this interview . The date release is unknown yet but the result will be amazing like usual... in Kim's style.

Liz Kay with "cats eye", change her mind and came back on dance style who launched her on European dance scene as an artist. After the fruitful collaboration with RIO, Liz Kay went in studio to record this amazing cover after Savage Garden hit single from '98 "To the moon and back", a  tune who was covered also by Kayden in 2009.
The single was released in Germany in April 30 under Zooland Records and produced by Plazmatek Studio Cologne. A preview here

In-Grid after her huge success with "Tu es foutou"(You're dead), a song that was released as a revenge for her ex boyfriend(a famous italian deejay), Ingird release her 3nd single from the newest material "Passion" who includes all the genre that she like from 30' and 40's but made in her own style like this new song "Vive Le Swing", a preview of the song here

Spike Pamela Knight Spike former vocalist is preparing a new material who will be launched this fall in September, the name of the single "Its a secret" like she describe-it on her official website "Its a secret so you have to catch me on the club promo tour end of July and August". Pamela Knight

Kim Sozzi, In-Grid, 2Unlimited

Kim Sozzi new single "Secret love" is officially #1 this week on the Billboard Dance Airplay Chart. Secret love is the 6th single released from Kim's debut album "Just one day" .

In-Grid aka Emiliana Alberini launched her second single called "Les Fous (Stick to you)", the tune is from her new album "Passion". For this song Emiliana made a great video. more infos here

2Unlimited Ray & Anita are #1 this week on Netherlands Itunes dance chart and #18 on Ultra top dance chart with their single "In da name of love" .

Blank & Jones, Edun, In-Grid

Blank & Jones Released on beatport a compilation called "Le Voyage Abstrait Deluxe" made with Raphael Marionneau.The LP contain 7 tracks for more infos here.

Edun announced on her official myspace account that it’s working on her future material who will be launched next year.

In-Grid after her hit single "Tu Es Foutu" from 2002, In-Grid made a new material called "Passion" who includes 14 tracks, first single released from this album was "Le Dragueur" , the second single is called "Les Fous" a nice soft track in In-Grid style. For more infos

In-Grid, KromAngles, Deepzone

In-Grid do you still remember Tu es foutu? the girl who lunched that hit single is back with a new song... Yeah Ingrid, who was named after a faimous movie star came in 2009 with catchy song called "Le Dragueur". The track will be on her future album who will release at the end of 2009.

KromAngles is a collaboration of three of the leading producers of Trance music, Dino Psaras, Frederic Holyszewski and Shanti Matkin, the band is very faimous in Brazil, KROMEANGELS first album is almost finished and will be released later this year.
The first single lunched for Europe is a recover of the "Beautiful Day" hit single from U2, it's a nice 2009 dance version.
More info here

Deepzone after their succes with "Dj take away", followed by "Let The Music Move Ya", the band from Bulgaria thought that is the time to release their third single called "Addicted To You".
The band said in recent interview: "We hope that people like our music and that, when they listen to our songs and coming to our Live Performaces, they have the feeling of something wonderful and uplifting happening to them. We do feel that miracles happen to people who truly believe that it will happen to them."

More infos here

Thanks for this infos to Toco International