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Jes, Linda Estelle, Claudia Cazacu, Unique 2

Jes (Motorcyle) "Closer" her new single is # 2 in UK Dance Charts, the single can be found togheter with 12 remixes on itunes .

Linda Estelle ( T-Spoon former vocalist & Divas of Dance) broke the ice of silence with a hot collaboration, Linda join forces with dutch Dj Sinharaja to bring out this amazing electro track called "Hold one" released on June 2010, and it's the 2nd single with Linda as a vocalist. "Hold on" it's from Dj Sinharaja debut album called "Proud to be Dutch". More infos here.

Claudia Cazacu romanian trance deejay release her new single called "Rain". "Rain" is her latest release on her own Couture label for more infos about the single you can find here.

Unique 2 Another comeback on  european dance scene is going, i'm talking about the former Unique 2 singer Jade join  EK3 to bring out this new music project called Busy Bazaar, why this name !? very simple music industry is like a Busy Bazaar :). Right now Jade & EK3 are preparing new songs who will be ready for release later this year.

Magic Affair, Sandy Chambers, Kim Sozzi

Magic Affair Ak Swift Magic Affair member, works on new hip hop project with MCBEE, Harv Dent and Gravy Mavis, the song is called "Gs Up Sneek peak" and will be released under Zulu King label, for this song Ak made also and a video, more here .

Sandy Chambers Dance diva, came with 2 new songs, the first one is made with Mood Velvet and called "Summer Of My Life" and 2nd one is called "Catch Me Now" made with Pro-Hunters, an unique and smashing ragga-dance track with amazing sounds . To catch the new tracks you have all the infos that you need here.

Just One Day

Kim Sozzi appeared with a new song called "Just one Day". The song is from recent solo material with the same name released on July 21 2009, and includes the hitsingles like :"Break Up", "Feel your Love", "Kiss Me Back(cry 2ite)" and "Secret Love".
The new single fallows the same music line with retro beats and drum synths. The tune entered on all american radios playlist and enjoy a huge success from critics part.

Claudia Cazacu "I love electronic music world so much that I decided to be my job. When I'm on stage, my music is telling a message to the crowd, and when I see the reaction of people everything turns into a dream come true." You can read the hole interview with Claudia here 

Bad Boys Blue, Claudia Cazacu, Sabrina Salerno

Bad Boys Blue's single Come Back And Stay Re-Recorded 2010 will be out in Germany on 9th July and the album 25 on 23rd July.


Claudia Cazacu now is playing with the sounds on Radio Di.Fm you can listen your weekly show there called Haute Couture. More infos about this project here

Sabrina Finally the most awaited moment just arrived, Sabrina & Samantha Fox just released the Blondie's cover "Call Me". The tune for radios was released on June 4th.
Sabrina explains : "It was a song that we loved and we wanted to do it in our style" says Sabrina.
"Call me" will be available from June 15th as a mini cd. Thanks to Karine Sanche

Claudia Cazacu, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Double You

Claudia Cazacu the romanian Dj, has been selected by ID&T as one of 20 short listed acts to appear at the massive 2010 Trance Energy event. You can vote for her till November 28th here

Kirsty Hawkshaw launched 2 materials the first one an Independant ambient compilation entitled Ice Elation and the second one called "Out Full album" for more infos about this material check this page.

Double You recorded a new song entitled If I Could Fall. It exists in 2 versions, no release date is available yet (Thanks to Dance Music News & Karine Sanche)

Cascada, Claudia Cazacu, La Bouche

Cascada launched an unplugged version of her single "Evacuate the Dancefloor". The maxi cd was released official on 4th September and can be found here. The single still claiming on world charts, being the most requested tune on radios.

Claudia Cazacu released another track called "Glamour" and it's made with Vicky Devine. Also Claudia was nominated on Djmag you can vote for her here.

La Bouche 2 unreleased tracks with Melanie Thornton can be discovered here, the name of the songs are :

"In My Position"

"Rhythm Of Love"

Melanie Thornton was the front vocalist of eurodance project La Bouche till '99, when decided to released a solo album, but in 24th November 2001 Melanie died in a plane crash near Zurich, just when her album was to be re-released on the 26th of November.
Lane McCray (La Bouche) said then : "The magic died with her and cannot be recreated".

Thanks to Karine Sanche & Klems.

Claudia Cazacu, Dj Bobo & Friends, Niki Haris

Claudia Cazacu her new single is called "Nefertiti" and was played on Armin's show A State of Trance soon will appear and on ASOT compilation.

Dj Bobo & Friends if you missed the big event here it is an preview..
Pics from that event shoot by Karine Sanche here.

United Respect it's a concert who will be this month on 22th August in Lanxess Arena in Koln Germany.
Line up on the event: David Guetta,Dj Sammy, Axwell and many more ...
Tickets and infos here

Niki Haris( former vocalist Snap!) recently gave an exclusive interview at Bay Windows where is talking why she quit to work for Madonna.

"People can talk all the crap they want, but we both knew by that last tour [Drowned World, 2001]. I had broken my legs, learned how to walk again, how to dance again, and did that tour with really bad injuries. It was okay, but painful. Now, I was 41 and pregnant. ... Of course, my ego was involved: ’Oh, she don’t want me no more!’ But at the end of the day, she gave me the greatest gift. Because of her, I got to spend every freaking day with my kid, doing the music I love to do. I’m close to ’the family’ still. She knows I love her and she loves me." Said Niki.

Niki was approximately two decades Madonna's background singer.
In June recorded a new material with jazz in Switzerland and at the end of this year will release her first Christmas album.
Her recent single is called "Bad, Bad Boy," a collaboration with DJ/producer duo The Perry Twins.

The full story here

N-Trance, Robyn, Dj Jean, Sylver, Claudia Cazacu, Dj Bobo, AB Logic

N-Trance The guys finally decided to upload the unreleased album from 1997 entitled 'The Mind Of The Machine' to itunes & other download sites with two new tracks, ' Free Running' & 'The Earth Is Dying ' to complete the album & tried to produce the tracks in a similar style that recorded in 1997.
More infos about the album check HERE

Robyn the swedish pop girl lunched an acoustic EP called "The Cherrytree Sessions" available NOW at Borders stores and the following retailers:
On the EP you can find also LIVE acoustic performances of "Be Mine," "With Every Heartbeat," and "Bum Like You"!

Dj Jean an exclusive interview with Dj Jean you can read here

Sylver released the new single called "I hate you now".

Claudia Cazacu the romanian dj who made it to be promoted by Tiesto released her single called "Earproof" .. More infos here

Dj Bobo On DJ Bobo's official website you can vote for DJ Bobo's next tour's title. More details here

AB Logic a great interview made by Klems to Marianne Festraets (AB Logic vocalist) can be read here

Thanx for this infos to Karine Sanche