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Sylver, Eiffel 65,Squeezer, Dhany

Sylver Sil and Wout are releasing a new single, the tune choosen for June 11 is called "Turn the Tide 2010" and is a remix of their hit from 2001.( thanks to Tom)

Effel 65 released Golden mixes of their hit "Move your body", these are mixes with electro flavour (thanks to Ivan) info by Karine Sanche

Squeezer A new single made by Jim Reeves and Alexandra Prince called "Lonley Nights" was posted on youtube you can listen here.

Dhany(Benassi Bros) decided that it's time to release a new single called "Dangerous" and is made in collaboration with Damian William and was released on June 2nd. More infos here


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