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Maloy exchanged with 18 years old girl

                                              Photo : Maloy
Everyone is the New Year Eve fever including Maloy Lozanes (Shaun Baker, Captain jack). The singer last weekend went to buy some few things for New Year party, but her happy mood  was already deleted by salesman asking her id.
The funny story was shared with her fans on a famous social network :

Bought loads of fireworks yesterday. The cashier looked at me intently & said:
CASHIER: I need to see your ID.
ME: You're joking, right? I assure you, I'm over 18 yrs. old.
CASHIER: Sorry, but I have to be sure. Some teenagers had been trying to masquerade as adults today so they can get away with buying dangerous fireworks.
ME: Really? Okay... (gave her my ID).  
said amused Maloy
Recently the singer launched a new single made with her brother, and entitled No Boobs.  It's satirical  song about what's going on in most music videos nowadays. Preview here

Maloy Shaun Baker is coming back

MaLoy (Cpt Jack, Shaun Baker) is coming with a new material, the news was posted by the singer on a famous social network:
Folks, family, friends & fans! Our first single is finally finished!  And I got to mix the vocals myself. First time to work as an audio engineer. LOL I just watched my brother operate a few times & I already know my way around this software. YESSHHH!!!  My brother mixed the instruments & since 2 days we finalized all tracks together.
The song is now with my Label Management and it will take a few weeks before it's ready for download. But I want to release it together with the video. So, just be patient, and you'll hear our first single soon.said the singer.
Maloy was one of Captain Jack front vocalists in 1998 but in 2007 came her big dance success with german dj Shaun Baker and Sebastian Wolter .
 Tunes like  VIP, The Power, Hei Hi Hello,Could You, Would You, Should You , Give! conquered the european charts in country's like  Germany, Poland, Sweden and UK and were awarded with the golden disc for the best european dance act in 2007 for VIP.

Vengaboys are ready to party!

The dutch eurodance project made by Danski and Delmundo are back with the 2nd single. Kim & co presented on Gay Pride event in Netherlands a new song called "All We Wanna Do". Rumors are saying that this will be the next single from dutch project - Vengaboys who came in 2010 with a new song after 10 years of silence and the 1st video 3D - "Rocket to Uranus" in the video appears the gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

Leticia(Passion Fruit lead singer) recently said on her facebook account that it's shooting her first video for "Alma Latina"her new summer song. The single will be included on her future album.

Dj Encore lead singer Engeline just said that she finished her new song "All of Me", Engeline she left the project Dj Encore in 2002 for a solo career and the genre approached is more rock/pop.

Maloy one of Captain Jack vocalists said in recent interview that she close the collaboration with german project Shaun Baker. Maloy launched with Shaun Baker many hits: "The power", "VIP", "Give!" and"Hey Hi Hello" right now she concentrated over her solo project.
Soon will be posted and the interview gave to Eurokdj website.

Shaun Baker - The power

O piesa care face furori la ora actuala in Europa! vinovat e Shaun Baker si Maloy ( a participat la Cerbul de Aur '97 si fosta vocalista din trupa Captain Jack '99), merita ascultata!
Noul single se va numi V.I.P !
Auditie placuta!