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Where is Ace of Base ?

This was a live performance of Ace of Base !?
My opinion this is not Ace of Base sorry's a bad copy.


Ace of base made a new song called "Hold Me", will be the future single?
Ace of Base are now Ulf, Jonas and 2 new vocalists Clara and Julia who replaced Malin & Jenny.
The new material will be probably released later this year.

Peter Luts announced on his official twitter account that he is in studio with AnnaGrace working on her new material that will be ready this September. Let's hope that this material will bring some new sounds very diffrent from what Peter Lust used to produce..

Susana Armin's favorite vocalist is preparing a new single made in collboration with Anej. The tune is called "Dark Side of the Moon" and was presented on Armin's show ASOT 500. Preview here.

Andrea Britton comes back on dance scene with a new song called "Kontrol", a song made with Warner Power. The news was posted on her official twitter account and will be released later this year.

Jessy's next single was revealed it's called "Angel" and it's made with the rapper Kaly Scott. The tune will be released soon on all digital megastores.

Discover this new artist Ricky and his newest single 'Waiting 4 You,' the video was shot in Cabo San Lucas earlier this year and features the creator of 'The Dirty.' Preview here

Eurodance News

N-Trance After of departure of Kelly Llorenna who take the road of solo career, Kevin O'Toole and Dale Longworth aka N-Trance choose another vocalist,Lynsey Jane Barrow is the new voice of eurodance project from Oldham, Greater Manchester(UK), the new single "Is this Love" is pumping out in the world charts.

Meta Message

Kirsty Hawkshaw released on digital megastores 2 songs one it's a The Felt Dolls song but wrote by Kirtsy and it's called "Halloween" and 2nd one it's called "Skin" released on 25th October on "Beauty 2 : Music that touch the soul".

Ace of Base recorded a new tune while were on promotion tour in New York, the track it's called "All Night Long" and will be included on the future material and was played on Sirius Radio. Right now they are on promotion tour for "The Golden Ratio Album".

Terri B! she "put the hands" on the new song from Dj D.O.N.S & Shahin. The brand new pack will be available shortly and it's for clubs. Till then you can enjoy the new single "Keep on Knocking".

Nadia Ali it's filming a new video for "That Day", a song made in collaboration with Dresden and Johnston and will be included on "Queen of Clubs: Onyx Edition CD".

Kate Ryan, Scooter , Ace of Base

Kate Ryan is back after a long periode of concerts in Canada and in Germany, now she has a little time to prepare a new material that will ready to release next year in May 2011, the first single like she describe on her twitter account "will be with a boy". The single will be released later this year and will be preceded by her sixth Album in 2011.

Scooter are back in studio after summer vacation, HP and the Co are preparing new tracks for the next album that will be done next year. Scooter are sayin' sorry to UK fans because the Clubbland Tour was cancelled and refunds are available from point of purchase.

Ace Of Base New album was released official on October 5th. And can be pre order here (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Jenny Bergren, Ak Swift

Jenny Berggren Ace of Base lead singer released her solo album called "My story", an material wrote by Jenny herself were she talks about love and hate inspired by life experince.
On the material will be included also and the singles  "Free me", "Here I am" & "Gotta Go", the material can be pre order here.

Ak Swift(Magic Affairjust gave a recent interview were he talks about his future projects, recently recorded new tracks with Pawel Tumbo Szczyrba producer for the eurorap project Legends & Dimonds. The first single with this project would be called "(The World Is) Hard & Cold" chours were made by C-Block former vocalist Misty aka Theresa Baltimore. more here

Ace of Base

Ace of Base 2010 On their facebook account appear a message from one of new members "Clara"
"It’s important for me that everybody understand that I’m not here to take anyones place. I love to sing, and when I got this chance I understood that not everybody would accept me and Julia immediately. Linn and Jenny were very popular but hopefully people will see that we are two other persons that will try to do our very best to please the fans. I’m proud to be here..." said Clara on Ace Of Base facebook official account.

The problem is not the new singers just the bad management because one of lead singer Jenny was left behind, find her official answer here . Once again i will show the dirty part of showbizz.

Alexia, Ace of Base

Alexia This week eurodance diva Alexia is special quest on Fatti Vostri the tv show broadcast by italian television Rai 2, you can see Alexia performing live with her band. Yesterday she sung "I dreamed a dream" her 2nd single from "Stars album" launched in May. The single can be found here.

Ace of Base 2010 release in Germany the album "The Golden Ratio", the material includes 12 tracks, all wrote by Ulf and Jonas.

Eva Simons, Ace of Base

Eva Simons(Cooper) In 2009 a song appeared online under the name Lady Gaga & Rihanna, that song was "Silly Boy" the tune soon attracted a large online fan community and became one of the most listened to tracks online, generating over 10 million listens, after this appeared and the artist who really sung the song, Eva Simons(Cooper and daughter of Ingrid Simons T-spoon) with a average look, Simons quikly conqured the tops.
In August 10 Eva join forces with Afrojack and from this collaboration was born "Take Over Control".
Right now Eva works  with big producers on "Rockstar" first album, who is due for  release in late 2010.

Eva says on her website:

"Writing songs is great, I love it so much. But sometimes I get scared : is this song good? Is the beat ok? Aren't these lyrics corny? You wanna make the perfect album, no songs that are just on the album to fill it up. Only good stuff. Because of my song Silly boy, I get the chance to work with a lot of talented producers and writers from all over the world. It's amazing. I really like to write my songs, create those crazy flirty melodies and "in your face" topics. I love those "In your face" topics!! Haha. Just say it like it is! My second single will probably be a song that's written with a amazing producer from America! I can't say anything yet, but the song is a BOMB!!! I know you guys are waiting for some new stuff, but I wanna make a good album, and that takes time." said Eva.

Ace of Base are filming the new video for "All for you" the new song from "Ace of Base 2010" . The single is promoted on all radios over Europe.

Kate Ryan, Ace Of Base, Dj Encore, Ultrabeat, Corona, Peter Luts

Kate Ryan is working with a swedish producer on new material who will be ready next year and will be fill with songs written by her but also and few covers, Kate said in a interview about the last material: "French Connection" is the end of an era". The album "French connection" was awarded in Spain with a Multi-Platinum for selling more than 300.000 digital songs, right now Kate is on tour in Canada.

Ace Of Base Jenny Berggren ( lead singer ) announced on her Facebook account why was left outside from this project :

" I have not been contacted about AOB until some days ago and since I am still a member and important deals aorund the band (who doesn't involve me) are not settled yet, I am confused. Twitter and Facebook has been my voice. My wish was to stay in the band to make music in the future. Someone told me fans think I quit and left the boys alone, but the story is not at all this.
"To say that I didn't agree to a fourth member is wrong. I even gave names if I would have gotten a green light of the things I needed. For instence some control over the issues regarding the band. Once I was told not to meet up with a manager that would work with us 'because I didn't have the full picture of what we had been sold in as'." said Jenny

Jenny was one of original member since 1993 till 2009 when the band announced that is time to take a break.. meanwhile Jenny concentrate over her new music project and the book release...

Dj Encore Engelina former vocalist is working on her new material with "Poster Child" a pop rock band from New York. You can listen the new songs with "Poster Child" here.

Ultrabeat after a long silence Chris Henry, Mike Di Scala and Ian Redman alias Ultrabeat are back with a new single called "The Stalker" a song extracted from their latest material "The Weekend Has Landed". More infos here.

Corona's long awaited new single is entitled "I'm Not An Angel". Videoclip will soon be released, for now you can already discover the making of. Her new album is entitled Y Generation, it's an amazing dance album, and is digitally available on Italian portal Ascoltalamusica. Olga is currently touring in Italy with her new band, BC Band. (thanks to Augusto Vilar) Info by Karine Sanche

Peter Luts Lasgo, AnnaGrace producer announced his next single of Groovewatchers( his new project) it's called "Sunshine" and is 2nd single, the first one was called "Sexy girl". More infos about "Sunshine" here.

Smile, Ace of Base, 4 Strings, Alexandra Prince

Smile will release on July 20th in Japan the new album "Party around the world". The material includes also and 2 bonus tracks, remixes of "Koko Soko" and "Butterfly".

Ace of Base The new single from Ace of Base will be called "All For You" and not "Mr. Replay". The song will be released on July 16th and will be serviced to radio stations in Europe this Friday. Soon will be posted and a sample of the song. Right now Ulf and Jonas is working in studio in Poland at Ace of Base material the date release is unknown yet.

4Strings After Samantha Fox collaboration, Carlo Resoort & Jan De Vos made a new song called "Sundown" a single who will be launched soon on all digital megastores under Spinnin Reccords label. A preview of the song can be listen here

Alexandra Prince(Nana, Dj@Work,Laava, Sqeezer) preparing new songs for her first solo album, on the material Alex worked with Melbeatz,Till West & Eddie Thoneick, Syke'N'Sugarstar the date of release is unknown yet.

Luciana from Bodyrox launched her official website . "I like that" was used by german television RTL2 their tv anthem, and was also invited to sing this track on The Dome 55 in August 27th. The show will be broadcast in August on RTL 2.

Sonic Dream Collective, Novaspace, Verona, Ace of Base, Robyn

Sonic Dream Collective Anders Wågberg Sonic Dream Collective member and on of Betty N'Boop producer, came back on music scene after a long silence with a new project and a new song, called Patronic and Natten Änglar "8(Night Angels 8)". The song can be listen here.

Novaspace aka Jenny Marsala and Felix J. Gauder, the famous eurodance producer of E-Rotic, Masterboy and Fancy, release the 4th single and the video "Close your eyes". The video was shoot on Ibiza last month.

Verona the Czech duo made by Markéta Jakšlová vocalist and Peter Fider producer, released a new song called "Up to the stars". Verona is famous band from Czech Republic known for their hits like "You got to move on", "Stay with me" and "Do you really wanna know". Recently the project  had an promotion tour in China. More infos here 

Ace of Base aka Ulf, Jonas and the new vocalists Clara and Julia made a song called "Mr Replay" the date of release is unknown yet. You can listen a preview here

Robyn gave an interview to Dummy site were is explains the turn that she take from classic pop to dance, the interview can be read here.

Future Breeze release in February a remix of their hit from '97 "Why don't you dance with me". You can listen the song here 

Dj Sammy, Karma, Aqua, Dj Bobo, Waldo's People, Ace Of Base, Peter Luts

Dj Sammy made new song for his future material, the date of release is unknown yet. The new song is called "Animal" and was made with writer/producer Jean-Baptiste (known for being songwriter for the Black-Eyes Peas). More infos about the single you can find on Sammy official website.

Karma the successful dance act from Umag, Croatia, release a new song called "Party Do Zore (Party Till Dawn)"The single can be listen here.

Aqua Soren former member of Eurodance-pop group Aqua, release the single "Legendebørn", the song is from his solo material called "Alt gar op i 6"

Dj Bobo release on youtube a homemade video called "Roll Up" , a nice summer song from Dj Bobo recent album "Fantasy".

Waldo's People Marko Reijonen & Karoliina Kallio alias Waldo's people release a new video called "I wanna be a rockstar", you can see the video here. His latest single "Back again" is # 10 on Itunes dance charts.
"I wanna be a rockstar" was released in Finland on May and soon will be launched in US by RCA Records Label.

Ace of Base Jenny Berggren it's working at her solo album, the material is expecting on September 15th.

Peter Luts in recent interview said the new Lasgo album will be ready for release this fall on September. Now Peter is busy with Tv show Looking for a Pearl, a show who was created to find a new vocalist for his new dance project.