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Touch my soul tonight

Per and Annika are back this summer with another hit called "Touch my soul tonight". The single has the smell of beach and love, and emotions are transmitted by Annika in this new song signed  by Da Buzz.
"Touch my soul tonight" was released today world wide under Ocean Music Group and follows the same line like  "Where my heart lies".
Da Buzz aka Per and  Annika is a very famous dance project from Sweden releasing hits like "Wonder where you are", "Do you want me", "Alive" or "Dangerous". More infos here 

Da Buzz new Ep

Da Buzz is releasing a new EP on June. It's reworked of their hit single Wonder Where You Are, and was produced in Dabuzz studio with the help of various Djs.

We are happy to announce that a new EP is coming out June 15!
 This is a new collaboration with international DJ:s that did a fantastic job on the "Wonder Where You Are (2015 edition)"!
 This song is smoking hot once again. We can´t wait to let your hear it! #dabuzz #wonderwhereyouare #summer

If the new remix will be more powerful then original! I don't know but we need more songs like that... just prove to the skeptics that europop can also have messages not only refrains like "Uh la la la sexy mama" :) ‪#‎goodmusic‬ ‪#‎eurodanceblog

Da Buzz in studio

Per and Annika announced their comeback this year with a new material. Dabuzz team shared the news yesterday on Fb when they posted a photo with Annika in studio recording new songs. The new material will be out later this year.

Da Buzz is releasing a new album

Da Buzz team is preparing for their fans a new material, and they want to help them choose what oldies songs from Da Buzz to be included on their material  with fresh sounds . The date of release is set later this but this month will be launched the video of their single Bring back the summer.

3 hrs · 
What do you wanna hear? We are putting together a few exclusive bonus tracks with songs from the past that means something special to us! But with a new fresh sound! Now, 1 is left! Help us choose.
Have a great day!

Da Buzz new video

Annika and Per finished the last vocals for their newest single Bring back the summer. A song about love, happiness, and  joy when you have during the summer holidays.

Per Liden explains: Bring back the summer it's a song  about   happiness the love and you know this  good feeling you have during  summertime  during the holiday when you have to relax and you don't have to think on work or everything else...

The new single will be out in couple of week with the video and Annika and Per wants #DaBuzz fans to send all their holidays photos to be  in their video more details here

Bring Back The Summer

Finally Da Buzz revealed the title of the next single. The new tune will be called Bring Back The Summer and available world wide soon. The news was shared by the band on FB.

22 hrs · Edited · 
Hope all of you are having a wonderful summer day! If you are! Keep it in your heart...!!
Let's see! Blue, green and pink!! This song is called "Bring back the summer"!!!

Da Buzz a new tune

Da Buzz doesn't need introduction, is one of the eurodance project that makes me proud that i love this genre, because every song released by them, brought  the appreciation from critics..
Recently they came back with new forces, and tracks, the last one who has a video, was The Moment I Found You  very powerful, and it seems that Per and Annika are ready to prepare the next hit.
The news that  Da Buzz are in studio were spread by Per Liden on FB:

Writing on the next single! Got to be good!!!... Hmm... Hands in the air like Alive? Or emotional like Wonder where you are?... Maybe both!!!

Da Buzz is coming back ?

It's been a while since the swedish dance group Da buzz  they haven't gotten anything new. But last week Per Lidén and lead-singer Annika Thörnquist posted a news on their twitter account about a surprise for their fans.
What kind of surprise  i thinks is one that involves music. Da Buzz  is one of the most popular swedish dance groups with a career spanning seven years, five albums, and 15 hit singles.
In 2009 they announced that will take a break  and in 2010 came with a new single  "U Gotta Dance" who was the theme of  swedish tv show Let's Dance.

The team revealed their new single Can You Feel The Love that will be released worldwide under Sunrize Records.

On the Radio

Jenny Marsala aka Novaspace came with a new single called "On the radio", it's a tribute to her music mentor and disco legend Donna Summer who died a few days ago by cancer.
The song like a said it's a cover after Donna's single realesed in '79, and Jenny gave a new sound to that song, and will be released  on June 15th, more details here.

Da Buzz next single will be called "Got this feeling" the tune will be available soon on all digital megastores(

Da Buzz is back....

The voice of the swedish project Da Buzz - Annika Thörnquist is coming this days with a new single called "Re-Invent Myself", and like the title, Annika is trying to re invent herself in this pop/rock song  but not so  different from what she did in the latest project - Da Buzz.
Right now is promoting the new single in Sweden and soon will pe released worldwide...

Music scandals and Da Buzz

Recently i read the article from scandikpop  about Da Buzz and Cascada,  it's so easy to judge when you're stay away in a chair  and just listen music ... i get it  if you scream may be heard !? or in this case read! it's so simple to judge when you're not involved in the creation of the songs... and everyone now is Perez Hilton but the sad part Perez in the end was "resolved" by The Black Eye Peas ;-)
I don't take any parts but i know how hardly is to promote songs when radios is closing doors in  nose if you don't pay them to promote your track or how hard is to get it if you don't have an army of PR's and managers who are doing the work and think at you as a product not as an artist, so what if Cascada copied Gaga style also and Rihanna copied her, but let me tell you dear jurnalist that you are just take Cascada ,Annika Thörnquist or September and let them sing live near Madonna & Lady Gaga... and would see what is my point of view..
Anyway Annika Thörnquist aka Da Buzz came back with a new remix of "U Gotta Dance", the single who has Da buzz sound and was released on itunes.
The track was release in the way to promote the new show from swedish television TV4 called "Let's Dance" where  Annika  will compete with Alexander Rybak (ESC winner) more details here.
Annika is back on track with "U gotta dance"..
The End

ATB, Da Buzz, Dhany, Alexia

ATB is back! The new song is called "Could You Believe" the single will be released on July 2nd on all digital megastores and includes 4 remixes: Airplay mix, Original mix, A&T NY Nights mix and Taylor & Gallahan remix . The tune will be included on ATB's future material. The world premiere of the video will be tonight. more infos here

Da Buzz aka Annika Thörnquist says "U gotta Dance" is the new single from Da Buzz and was released in Sweden on June 14th. The gossip( rumor spread by american radio fusion Chicago) about the split was denied so this summer will dance with Da Buzz.

Dhany(Benassi Bros) is very busy lately with new collaborations, the new single is called "The love you've got" and was released on itunes on March 9th for more infos check this page .

Alexia new album "Stars" will be released in Italy tomorrow 22th June. You can pre order here

Aqua, Da Buzz

Aqua this month is on cover of the Gaffa magazine. On the magazine you can find and interview with them.
"Back to 90's" from their first released reached # 1 in Danish Charts and their album Greatest Hits is #2 in the Album Top 40 this week.

Da Buzz just announced on their official site, that will take a long break .
In Europe Da Buzz was known from their hits like: "Wanna be with me", "I wonder where you are " & "Dangerous".
At the end of 2007 they release an album with their hits called “Da Buzz Greatest hits ".

On UltraTop 50 this week Sylver‘s song "Foreign Affair" is #4 , AnnaGrace # 9 & Kate Ryan with "Babacar" on # 20.

Infos by Eurodance Blog