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C&C Music Factory, Samantha, Luciana

C&C Music Factory Former member Freedom Williams comeback on dance scene with a new single, Freedom was in dance group C & C Music Factory and also worked with Linda Rocco on the Masterboy US Album from 2006, the tune it's called "Party Time" and was released on in 2009 in December o all digital megastores. The song can be listen here.

Samantha is a hot swedish blond who is trying her success in US. The new single "U- Turn" was released on Itunes by Robbins Entertainment. Samantha is also a member of the famouse "censored" magazine Slitz "So Burn Mother fucker burn", the single can be found here.

Luciana began the video shoot with David Vendetta at the new single "Make boys cry", the video will be out at the end of this month. Pics from video shoot can be seen here .


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