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Recall for summer hit!

Released in May the single of Chimera State, make think that is the moment to write a review about this amazing single done with 90s diva - Kim Sanders.
The mix is a combination of dance with new age, and the amazing vocals of Kim who make this track the perfect summer hit of 2018.
The song reminds a little bit of her other collaboration with Schiller, anyway Stop, Look & Listen is the comeback on dance of incredible vocalist who borrow the voice to many eurodance acts like Captain Hollywood, Loft, Flame, but the most famous were Culture Beat and Schiller.
Many eurodance fans were excited about this comeback so I decided to make this review.
Welcome back Diva! And many songs like this...

Download / Stream:

Tania Evans attacks Culture Beat singer Jacky Sangster

Tania Evans attacks Culture Beat singer  Jacky Sangster. The ex lead singer of eurodance project Culture Beat - Tania Evans is very upset of new singer - Jacky Sangster calling her a faker and using her vocals and not her real voice.
The hole maskared is posted on youtube were Jacky was invited as Culture Beat at Zilele "Maramuresului".
Tania answered to fan who was there an enjoyed   the performance of Jacky but not of the rapper.

Fan:  This was excellent..hearing them live
Tania Evans: They are fakers and using my vocals, it pales in compare the real artists.He could have got a good singer/artist in to continue and keep the quality..
Fan :  They are not Tania and Jay but there is no one left to the eurodance fans and Jacky is not bad at know the rest...i mean the rapper(he is awfully....bad)

I really don't why she try to hit the singer who never talked bad about Tania and she never sung over her vocals because i was there too and i heard Jacky performing live.
 If Tania has problem she must talk with Culture Beat manager and not hitting a singer who never met her and who has a contract with Tania's ex manager Frank Fenslau.

What is eurodance?

Sometimes we forgot how to be child again, to enjoy,  but last night last year Culture Beat show me how to be a child again.
In this rutine we forget to react at little things  the more important ones that counts and make us happy, and to watch from child prospective not the adult one were  life is invaded by money, and this objects are made to help us not to loose us .
Anyway i found and the right definition of eurodance - the joy to be child again !

Thank you Jacky for amazing performance gave last night but also  by the lesson you gave us,  if you didn't get it be a close mind till the end !  :)

Happy New Year !

Bad Boys Blue, Culture Beat, Milk inc

Bad Boys Blue Another loss for the Bad Boys Blue family ( after Trevor Oliver Taylor who died on19th January 2008 by an heart attack ).

"We are really sorry to inform you that Andrew Thomas passed away at Weyertal hospital in Cologne (Germany) in the evening of July 21st 2009 at the age of 63."
Andrew Thomas was one of the original members of BBB’s till 2005, he died
from a pancreatic cancer.

Source :

Thanks to Karine Sanche

Culture Beat released only on digital megastores Mr. Vain and includes radio version, extended version, recall mix , Cj Stone Mix and a short version of the song "Obsession" for more info check this site

Thanks for the info to Cesar (Culture Beat Fan Base)

Milk inc. The time arrived and for Romania , because the Blackout will come on 29th August in Zalau ( Salaj) with Linda Mertens & Regi Pexten Milk inc. This summer will end in Romania with the band who broke the charts in Belgium and took 2 TMF Awards last year.
Romania get ready for Blackout!!

Milk inc, Culture Beat, Savage

Milk Inc lunched this week the new video "Blackout!" the result is this...

(Thanx to Tommy)

Culture Beat Lana E first Culture beat vocalist is still working in music industry, her „Soulful Man“ was the sountrack of the german movie „Frauen sind was Wunderbares“. More infos.

Savage After an absence of 15 years from music scene, the producer Roberto Zanetti aka Savage (responsible of eurodance projects like Ice Mc, Double you & Alexia), finally decided to bring out this year his project Savage.
Last month filmed in L.A. a new video for the newest single "Twothousandnine" who will be released this month.
Pics from the shoot can be seen here

Armin van Buuren, 2Unlimited , Culture Beat

Armin van Buuren Saturday, July 4th, Armin van Buuren was given the honour to open the TMF Awards! Set to be quite the spectacle, he's in it for something very special. For this special occasion, it won't just be him and his decks, but he'll have Dutch singers Esmee Denters and VanVelzen alongside him.
Together, they'll kick off the TMF Awards, the 4th of July, at 17.00, right next to the Rotterdam Erasmusbridge, in style. Other artist playing there, are The Black Eyed Peas, Chuckie, Quintino, Hardwell, and several other DJ's and singers. Armin is nominated for a TMF Dance Award, for which you are able to vote until Tuesday, the 30th of June, here: . Info from Official Website

2 Unlimited Remy van Rijnmond is a tv presenter in Holland on the local tv station.
Marion van Ivaarden is doing jazz music with her band Stunning also is preparing a new dance track , the name and the release is unknown yet, more infos you can find here

Culture Beat On internet is a fake remix of "Your love". The producer said: "that this remix is not official, Culture Beat has nothing to do with it".
Right now Jacky is working in studio on new Culture Beat songs who will be included on the future album, soon will be lunched and a new single...
Thanks for this info to Culture Beat Fanbase