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Vengaboys are ready to party!

The dutch eurodance project made by Danski and Delmundo are back with the 2nd single. Kim & co presented on Gay Pride event in Netherlands a new song called "All We Wanna Do". Rumors are saying that this will be the next single from dutch project - Vengaboys who came in 2010 with a new song after 10 years of silence and the 1st video 3D - "Rocket to Uranus" in the video appears the gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

Leticia(Passion Fruit lead singer) recently said on her facebook account that it's shooting her first video for "Alma Latina"her new summer song. The single will be included on her future album.

Dj Encore lead singer Engeline just said that she finished her new song "All of Me", Engeline she left the project Dj Encore in 2002 for a solo career and the genre approached is more rock/pop.

Maloy one of Captain Jack vocalists said in recent interview that she close the collaboration with german project Shaun Baker. Maloy launched with Shaun Baker many hits: "The power", "VIP", "Give!" and"Hey Hi Hello" right now she concentrated over her solo project.
Soon will be posted and the interview gave to Eurokdj website.

Dance News

Leticia Spormann is back this summer with a new dance latino song called "Alma Latina" released on June 10 and wrote by Leticia. Leticia was the lead singer of Bubblegum Dance project Passion Fruit she contribuite in 2000 on the album "Spanglish Love Affairs". She received a gold single with Passion Fruit, and was nominated for Echo. "Alma Latina" can be found on all digital platforms including Itunes.

Jessy just said on her official twitter account that is working on new songs, the new material will be released later this year.

Hadise the belgian r'n'b singer is back with a new hit called "Superman", the new song was presented last month on Balkan Music Awards 2011 and will be dropped out as EP soon on all digital platforms.

ATB canceled his concert from Topfest Festival in Slovakia because of major health problems. We hope is nothing serious and he will be back again. ATB recent single is called "Gold" and can be found here .

David Brandes scandal i don't wanna talk about that but for someone is a way for promotion ...and i have to say that you choose the PR wrong.

Nathalie Aarts(The SoundLovers) teamed with Kim Lukas and producer Graziano Pegoraro (T42, Ava & Stone, Mato Grosso) for a single entitled "Breathe Again", and can be buy it from here.(Info Karine Sanche)

Klubbingman, LayZee

Klubbingman (Schleh Tommy) released his new compilation Welcome to the Club 17.

Maduar released a new single entitled Saturday Party Time. You can get it for free

Infos by Karine Sanche

LayZee with other rappers who contributed to eurodance, such as Eric Singleton, AK Swift or MC Fixx it, contributed to a collective project, EuroRap revival. An album is on its way..
LayZee said: “The song is about racism and the other rappers came with they own story and "Thankfull was born"”
The single will be released next month for infos check this page

Pandora released another track on 5th November, the tune is a cover after Kelly Clarkson song "Already Gone".The Lp contains 6 remixes made by Raindropz & Crystal Rock.

Leticia the voice behind of bubblegum project Passion Fruitt came this year with a song called "Cafe Negro" the tune can be listen here
Thanks to Cesar