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The australian dance singer Zoë Badwi stepped in 2013 with a new song called "Torches", a song that i like very much, who follow the previous releases style, very catchy and very easy to memories the bridge.
The song was already choose by Sydney Gay Community to be their anthem.
Many artists are testing their music in this kind of communities, because the people  are more receptive s  and they have good taste in music ..this was Zoë Badwi case...
"Torches" will be available soon on amazon.

Zoë Badwi - A new single on the way

The Melbourne-based dance-pop diva - Zoë Badwi comes this summer with a new single. The announce was made by Zoe on her twitter account.
Zoë made her appearance into public view, if i can say that, in 2010 with the mega hit "Freefallin".
The new material will be release soon, and Zoe said that will be a surprise for her fans, because "Shoot me down" will be in the same style dance/pop like the last releases.
"Shoot me down" is the new single that australian singer will do a video this days, and will be a BOMB!

Infos check the website