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Cascada a new single

Natalie Holer aka Cascada announce last Friday, that a new single is ready for release it's called Like the way i do,and will be release on August 16th.

Cascada - Back 4 good

The eurotrance diva - Natalie Horler aka Cascada is Back for Good on music scene with the single previous mentioned. Back for Good was official released yesterday July 20 on all digital megastores and it's a combination between 80s style and new. If you are a Cascada fan defiantly  you'll love it.
Cascada  took a break from dance scene to take care of her baby, but now is Back for good. 

Cascada is taken a break this year

Cascada management just announced that the singer won't be able to attend the concerts this year because she's expecting a baby 
Dear Cascada Fans,
we would like to announce that Natalie won´t be able to perform any concerts until the end of this year. She and her husband are expecting their first child in the next few months and because of this Natalie won´t be able to perform for the time being.
We are all delighted and wish her a relaxing and happy time to come. She will be back on stage by the end of the year and upcoming singles are in the works!!
Please abstain from sending gifts and allow Natalie to enjoy her privacy that everyone deserves during this time.
We wish you all a great summer and look forward to seeing you all in the near future!
Cascada Management
The singer is taken this break after the release of her single Reason launched in February.

Cascada impressed by her fans

A few weeks ago Cascada posted a message that a new single is ready to be release, but she didn't mention the title letting her fans to guess the name, and was a smart decision because her fans revealed the title of her single Madness.

After this funny experience, Cascada posted a special message to them

Mystery or madness!?

After a short holiday, Natalie Horler aka Cascada is ready to start the Fall with new forces. The singer announced last night that a new song is ready to be release this Fall, but she didn't tell what is the name of the new song, letting the fans guessing. And some of them came really close to  the answer is Mystery.
 The new single will be out worldwide on September 26th.

Acoustic Sessions

Natalie Holler is not just  the girl from Cascada also the big voice from the project. And when i say it, i came with the arguments: Natalie started her career at 18 doing studio work, and recording several tracks for different DJs one of them was Diamond, Manian, and  Cascada who was also the project launched her.
 Miracle and Everytime we touch where 2 huge hits  who  gather many awards, and one and the most important was World Music Awards  in 2007 for the best-selling dance artist gave by Prince Albert de Monaco. A rare thing because few eurodance artists were awarded by the Prince among the years only:  Dr. Alban, 2Unlimited, Dj Bobo,got that award and now Cascada.
What hurts the most, Evacuate the dance floor were another tracks with lot of success in Europe.
Everybody is been asking if Natalie can sing or sang!? And the answer comes with the new material release a few days ago entitled Acoustic Sessions , an album with all the hits from german singer.
 I recommend  to listen: Golden Train, Hold Your Hands Up, Enemy and Hungover.
The material can be found on itunes and on but soon will be available  on other music portals.

If you want to listen something classy in your car this is the perfect choice ...if your're not satisfied  blame me because I recommended and I will wait your comment here:)  

Let it snow - Holidays are here!

The holidays are here!! 
The german dance singer Cascada is preapring her new album for Holidays. The 12 classical tracks are gather on this Christmas album called "It's Christmas Time" made by Nat the Rat (like she wants to be called) in her own style to make your Holidays more happy but I'm really sad because she didn't choose and Wonderful Dream to be on this material. The hole track list can be seen here

Cascada - Unplugged session

The german singer Cascada aka Natalia Holer is continuing the series of live videos on Youtube this time, Natalie posted one of the most known song from her "Ready for love"

Scooter a new album

Cascada launched a new single called "Au Rvoir", the video was recently added to Clubland Tv and can be seen here. The single will be release in France this days and is from recent material "Original me" a name very original but the syle approached is very gaga, maybe for the promotion of this single Nathalie will do another pictorial just in case...

H.P. Baxxter and Co are preparing the new album the forth from their career and will be entitled "The Big Mash Up". The news was shared in a recent interview: "We are recording our new album, that's going to be out in September or October". The new album will be out world this Fall worldwide .(thanks KDJ)

ATB said on his official FB account that the new material "Distant Earth remixed" will be dropped out on September 16, 2011.(thanks KDJ)

Porno music of todays

I must start an article about this... why this title very simple cause many artists are trying to get public attention by promoting an XXX image ... Yes i know XXX material will have always a public...but what kind the public !?
Maybe is not the artist fault and are pressed by their manager to do that, i must take an example Sash's new video "Mirror Mirror", the video will drag people attention for sure not because of the song just because of the girl who's half naked and has many plastic surgery's ...

Another example is Natalie Holler who is a great singer and LIVE performer and now she dropped her clothes for german edition of Playboy... i know is for promotion... but what kind of impression can leave a girl who's naked ....maybe i'm old fashion.... but an artist must do music and not XXX .. if you want to resist long time on this industry....

Where is Melanie Thornton amazon look? or Linda's "sexy" image or Alexia, Alice Edun & Dhany's girly look ... or Luciana..
I know in dance industry especially is more important the image not the voice cause behind of the project many producers are hidden the real singer is not important... cause she doesn't have an comercial look....or the girl doesn't want to be a mouse lab testing what's new on the market

My opinion a girl must be a girl and not an alien after so many plastic surgerys they are so many ways to keep your beauty and your health... by avoiding this kind of operations.

What good example can you give to a 12 years old girl who's watching you or admires you cause is nice to appear naked and do plastic surgery!? You'll be Famous like Luciana's song ?
I want to know just this they think of their fans ?

We living a sad world when the real models are left away . and the alien creatures are promoted.

Milk Inc a new single

Milk Inc producer Regi Penxten, just announced a few days ago that it is in the studio, working with his collegue Filip Vandueren at Milk inc new single, which single will be release!? we don't know but let's hope will be one from "Nomansland" album.

RIO (Tony Dyer's current project) will release a new album entitled "Sunshine" on May 13th under Tiger Records. Album contains the first singles as well as some new tracks. (Info Karine Sanche)

Cascada Yesterday May 7th Cascada launched on Clubland Tv the new video "San Francisco", the new single is from Natalie new material who's gonna be released soon, but it's a different style. "San Francisco" wants to fallow the "Evacuate the dancefloor" success with a new look and voice from Natalie's part. The video was shoot in US and will be promoted also in Europe.

Captain Jack new single is called "How does it feel" the single is promoted on dance tunes radio more details you can find on their website. The single is from Captain Jack New recent material "Back to the dancefloor".

JK Sovrana prod made a new remix of JK single "Go On". preview here.

Andreea Britton The new song from Andreea Britton ( Sunfreakz) it's called "Sad State" and can be listen here
Kelly Llorenna N-Trance lead singer is back on dancefloor with a new project called FreakAsylum, soon will release with this project and a new material more details here

William Naraine (Double You) single "If i could fall" was remixed Nick Corline and can be found on armada music site.
Fragma On beatport appeared a new version of "Everytime you need me 2011" by Fragma vocals - "were made and still are by Maria Rubia" - the tune can be found on beatport and other digital megastores.

Dance updates

ATB announced on his official FB account that the new material is almost done right now is doing vocal recordings for the album. The new material will be out later this year.

Liza Da Costa Captain Jack lead singer is preparing a new video called "Passarinho - Little Bird", the single will promote the future material Hotel Bossanova - "BOSSANOMIA".

Cascada gave an interview to Capital Fm were she explain her success, and she talked about the new material.
Natalie : "Will be the same cool eurodance stuff but also we tried and something different".
Cascada new single will be released next week and it's called "Enemy". more details here

Terri B! finished a new single called "Flirt" made in collaboration with John Dahlback, the single is out now and can be found here.

DaBlitz Vivian B made a new song with italian artist Fabio, the tune is called "Anima nell'anima"(Soul to soul) and was released on itunes.

Alexia just announced on her FB that is expecting a new baby..
Alexia: "The new year has begun in the best way for me and I decided to share with you just because of the affection that I have a good news to you: I will give a little sister to Maria Vittoria! I do not know how the call but I know it will be a great joy, I hope you can feel with me!"

Dance Updates

Future Breeze came back with a new rework of his dance single "Temple of Dreams 2010" what's new with this version .. he choose a new voice and appealed at Scoon & Delore and Robin Clark to give a fresh new sound . More details can be found here .

Cascada is ready to release a new single, probably "Enemy"  will be her next single,  'cause a sample with that song  was posted on her official utube channel, and will be included on the double album called "Just the hits" a preview can be heard here.

SandraGee( BabyAlice) release a new version of "Turn Up The Volume" more details can be found here.

Dance News

Aurora The 70's hit of Gordon Lightfoot "If You Could Read My Mind" was covered by Ela Wardi, the single was also covred by british dance project Aurora in 2002. Preview here

Cascada Nik Kershaw 80's hit "Wouldn't It Be Good" who was covered by Cascada in 2006 now is "re touched" by The Angry Kids ,a preview of the song here

Eurodance News

Cascada Natalie just show up with a "new video call" for her fans, saying that will be ready to sing next year and to attend to all the gigs ... right now her schedule is visiting her doctor and home. Also Natalie confirmed that the new album will be done and ready to release at the beginning of 2011. Till then you can enjoy "NN".

Robyn was  nominated on Grammy Music Awards  with "Dancing On My Own".

Loona's next single will be a collaboration with Movetown entitled "El Cucaracho". It should be released in the beginning of 2011.(Info Karine Sanche)

Dj Project Gino Manzoti just release with the new dance sensation Ella Rose the video "No U, No Love", you can watch it here

Kim Sozzi new single "Rated-R" will be official released on December 6th.

Eurodance news

Cascada is recovering after the surgery, in few weeks Natalie will be on tour again promoting her single "NN".

Luciana presented last week, on american tour, a new song called "So Hot", will be her new single !? more here.

Robert Abigail the belgian dj who worked with Agnes & 2Brothers on the 4th Floor, is releasing a new single "City Where The Party's On".

September's new single "Resuscitate Me" is # 1 on Itunes dance charts.

Bad Boys Blue recorded new vocals for "Show Me The Way (Re-Recorded 2010)" which will be featured on the polish edition of "25".

Look Twice This week, Look Twice "Move That Body 2010" hit #2 in iTunes Dance charts in Sweden. We can help them doing better !


Natalie did it once again, her hitsingle "Evacuate the dance floor" was choosen by XBOX 360 Dance central game. More infos here  

Eurodance News

Medina  next single will be called "Addiction". The tune is the 3rd song from her international album "Welcome to Medina".

Regi is preparing a new compilation "Regi in the mix vol.9" and will be released on all digital platforms.

Nexx are working on new songs for the future album who will be launched in 2011.

Kristine W released "Walk Away(Remixed & Remastered)" and can be found here.

Cascada released the new video "Night Nurse". You can watch it here.

September decided to release also and the song "Mikrofonkåt" the single had over 500 000 views, so Petra decided to release it as a single.


"My surgery is a small procedure I need from using my voice to the maximum"

Natalie Horler aka Cascada just announced on twitter account that in few days will go to do a little surgery on her vocal cords, the stress and exhaustion from the past years had is point view.

The little procedure will consist in normalize vocal cord functioning when the vocal cords are scarred from various causes, paralyzed, or are otherwise abnormal.

Natalie said to her fans: "Is a small procedure I need from using my voice to the maximum for the past 7 years, please don´t worry".

Recovery after this surgery will take few weeks and Natalie can sing again to promote the new material.

More you can find on her utube channel.

Cascada, Ruffneck

Cascada it's shooting the video for her 2nd single called "Night Nurse". Natalie Horler aka Cascada is closing a frutifull year been nominated at International Dance Music Awards & Mtv Video Music Awards and took home 3 awards, one for Best Dance Act, Dance Award & Best Female Artist.
Right now Natalie is concentrated over her new material will be out next year and over her new single "Night Nurse"

Ruffneck "Everybody be somebody" was a chorus that often we heard in '95 if you were into dance at that time for sure you'll remember it.. "Everybody be somebody everybody be somebody Now!!".
At that period a American dance project called "Ruffneck" release the single and the tune was so popular that she hit Billboard dance chart directly # 1 for 3 weeks, now in 2010 two german dj Thomas Gold And Matthias Menck, though to bring this chorus with electro sounds out.. so once again you'll dance & sing "Everybody be somebody" you can grab it from here. (thanks to Karine Sanche)