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Vengaboys back on track!

                                          Photo: Vengaboys official
The dutch project - Vengaboys are preparing new tracks for the future material. After "All We Wanna Do" a song made in 2010, Kim & Co are testing new tracks in their Australian Tour.
The first one is called "Montego Bay" and the other is a cover called "Hot hot hot", we don't know if those songs will be their future singles but we know for certain  that Vengaboys is working on their material that will be out in Spring.

Edun is back after a long break took for her little baby, the new song is called "All The Love is here", a catchy song made in 2012 wrote by Edun. The single will be available on all digital megastores .

Edun ready for a new song

Alice Edun was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia to a Nigerian father and Russian mother. She started doing music for quite some time.
In 2004 she fell in love with dance music when she meet Benny Benassi .

Put 'em up was the first single released as Edun produced by Offlimits Production and  wrote by Sannie Carlsson(Whigfield). The single soon  become a dance anthem in US, and  Edun was on the same "line" with Rihanna.
Many people are confused by similarities between her and Rihanna  just because of that - one was born in US and 2nd in Europe, but the music genre approached  by Alice is different then Rihanna and reminds me of 80's Disco Queen - Diana Ross and i saw some influences in Edun songs.
One of them is the single released in 2008 called "Survive", a wake up tune to reality were the message is pretty clear - to respect people and nature."You give me hope and you give me light, to survive".

2010 was the year when Edun released another dance song called "My Love Is Here For You." and according to her "it was a dance-pop love song, the kind that relates to everyone who is in love with someone but the other is afraid to love you back."
This days Edun she continue to do dance music and to work with famous producers one of them is Adam Tes  , the result was this new song called "Don't Ask Me Why" a nice dance tune produced by Adam   and wrote by Alice. "Don't Ask Me Why" allready is promoted in Spain and soon will be released on all digital megastores.

In the end to close this article i will say for those of you who don't know Edun to give a try to listen her music cause this artist can be discribed in three words that i will hope will remain the same : modesty, beauty & talent, combined  the result is amazing - Edun

September, Jenny Berggren, Edun

September finnally decide to release a new material, on her official twitter account Petra says that the new single will be ready for release in October, Petra also will be invited on swedish television Tv4 an reality show called "The stars in the Palace".

Jenny Berggren (Ace of Base lead singer) release her 3th single called "Gotta go" the single will be included on her new material, who will be launched in europe on October 13th.

Edun  decided to release her new single "My Love Is Here for You", a single who was dropped out on August 31 on Itunes. "My Love Is Here For You" it's the 4th single from Edun career and will be included on her new material. Infos about the new song can be found here.

Jes, Sylvia Tosun, Edun, Dhany

Jes join forces with BT, two of the biggest superstars of Electronic Dance Music, resulting this amazing video "Every Other Way". "Every other way" was released on all digital megastores and was included on BT album "These Hopeful Machines". more infos here.

Sylvia Tosun after the amazing success of "I remember" with Deadmau5 and "Push 'n Pull", Sylvia made another music piece called "Above All", a track produced by Ron Reeser & Dan Saenz. The single can be found on all digital megastores.

Edun It's in studio working at new songs with Deejay L.B, the material will be relasesd later this year.

Dhany Alex Gaudino released a new song after his huge success with "Destination Unknown" in 2007 now join forces with Dj Smash and choose another great voice, Dhany from Benassi Bros. The single is called "Moscow never sleeps", but the single does not seem to be available yet.The video can be seen here.

Edun Interview, Podcast

Edun it's a very talented singer, was one of the girls from Offlimits Records but i will let to discover her in this interview.

Alice, how did you start to work in this industry ?

I started music for quite some time now, mainly working on pop, gospel and chillout genre in different projects. It was only in 2004 that I thought it would be great to work on the 'dance genre' too.

You’re the one who answered at Benny Benassi contest ?

Yes I did, here's how it all happened;
it's actually quite a funny story cause I didn't know many producers who did dance music at the time. So one day I googled the words 'Deejay looking for singer'and funny enough the first website that came up was Benny Benassi announcement that he was actually looking for a singer for a new project, I didn't even know who he was, believe me but I felt it was a good move and I replied sending my demo to his production company. It was not until I saw his video on MTV some days later that I realized how big he was! The rest of the story you already know... lol more here

The news are up on my podcast, you can listen here

Edun, Alexia

Edun release today February 25 the new single "One Day". The tune is made in collaboration with Deejay L.B. "One Day" and was wrote by Alice herself and it's out now on all digital platforms for more infos here .

Alexia will be special quest on Liver & Friends a benefit event who will be held on February 25 in Rome Italy for more infos here.

We love the 90's it's a new eurodance event from Holland with Snap! - 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Twenty 4 Seven - T-Spoon and more, this concert will be held on 15th May 2010. Infos here ( Thanks to Klems & Karine Sanche)

E-Type french fanbase open his gates for more infos check this link .

Blank & Jones, Edun, In-Grid

Blank & Jones Released on beatport a compilation called "Le Voyage Abstrait Deluxe" made with Raphael Marionneau.The LP contain 7 tracks for more infos here.

Edun announced on her official myspace account that it’s working on her future material who will be launched next year.

In-Grid after her hit single "Tu Es Foutu" from 2002, In-Grid made a new material called "Passion" who includes 14 tracks, first single released from this album was "Le Dragueur" , the second single is called "Les Fous" a nice soft track in In-Grid style. For more infos

September, Basshunter, Eurovision, Edun, Dash Berlin, Simone Angel

September Petra Marklund (September) finnally released her video "Can't Get Over",the single is produced by Hard2beatRecords.
Enjoy it like i did :)

Basshunter if you missed the shoot of Basshunter new video here it is ...

More infos check this channel

Eurovision I want to post some infos about the european song contest 2009 preselection.
Romania choose his artist her name is Elena Gheorghe with the song "The Balkan Girls"

Waldo's People was choose to represent Finland this year with the song "Lose Control".
On official Eurovision website i found an exclusive interview with the favorite of this contest Hadise.

More infos about the participants check the official Eurovision Channel

Edun decided to release her third single "Keep The Flame Alive". More infos about the single on Edun
Infos about this artist here

Dash Berlin is nominated for "Best Break-Through Artist" (Category 25). Winners will be presented March 26, 2009 at the International Dance Music Awards during WMC. You can vote for them Here

Simone Angel you can listen and see Simone from Monday till Friday at 15:30 CET on Radio Cool The name of the show is called "Angel in the morning". Also you can talk with her there...

R.M.A Winners, EurodanceWeb,Edun, Alexia, Sylver

R.M.A Winners This Weekend Romania choose his winners ... and the winners of the Romanian Music Awards 2008 are:
Best song:
Tom Boxer & Fly Project & Anca Parghel - Brazil
Best Group:
Dj Project
Best Album:
Morandi - Ne3xt
Best Band
Best Video
Morandi - Angels

EurodanceWeb is choosen the next eurodance artist who will be promote in Europe.
Mihai Traistariu - Romania
Crazy Loop - Moldova
Alex C & Yass - Germany
Regi & Danzel - Belgium
Kim Leoni - Netherlands
SantaMaria - Portugal

You Can vote for them HERE

Edun you know her from her hit single "Put'm up" .
Edun is a product 100% Benny Benassi and now lunched her new single called "Survive" in colaboration with Oscar Salguero.

Alexia lunched her new video "Guardarti Dentro"
The song is from her new album called "Ale'"
The result is this:

Sylver the new single will be called "Rise Again (and not I Hate You Now)"
Thanx for this info to Karine Sanche