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Gala impressed by a fan

The italo dance diva Gala recently was surprised by a fan when she showed her new tattoo.
Gala was so impressed and express her gratitude, is a rare thing to see an artist impressed by her fans. Many fans are doing that to express their joy and love to the group they love. but in some cases their not and they call them a stupid gesture  but  was not in this case were Gala was impressed:

This is so sweet! Not sure if she is a fan or not but this girl tattooed my song title on her fo...

Gala involved in a Bully Campaign

The italian singer and songwriter Gala Rizzatto join Animo Roeselare cause and she also made a video were cane be seen here.
Recently the singer release a new video version of her single "Loose your self in me", and she gave an exclusive interview to Vogue were is talking about her career and she's explaining that being an artist is not selling your body and soul but always be who do you really want to be!
Gala was known after the dance hit Free from desire a buddhist prayer who has so much impact in the 90's but also this days.
However, being a seeker of enlightenment didn’t guarantee that the road beyond was an easy ride. That’s why having succeeded, on her own terms, as an artist, as a female artist, meant so much to Gala.

Gala a new hobby..and a new material

The italian singer Gala Rizzatto has a new passion.. On her official website the singer posted a few photos made by her, and are very well made....

Gala is well best known after her album "Come Into My Life" featuring "Freed From Desire", "Let a Boy Cry", “Come Into My Life” and “Suddenly”. Her latest release is called "Lose Yourself In Me" and was released on her label on her own label Matriarchy Records, the tune ranked #1 in Lebanon for 3 consecutive weeks. Gala is planning a new single this Fall called "Taste of Me" fallowed by the album named "Yourself in Me"

Gala a new project

 Gala just announced on her twitter account that is preaparing a new project with a new look.
 For those of you who's asking who is she!? I will tell you that she is an artist who grow up in Italy  in 1996 was discovered by dj/producer Molella and her first single  released was "Everyone has inside"  but the international success came with "Freed From Desire". Gala it's one of the artists who likes to do music with passion and  if this does not exist the music is  empty like zombie without soul ... for more infos check her page
"Loose Yourself  in me" is her latest release....

Gala - Lose Yourself In Me (Video Clip) de galamusic

Dance updates!

Smile Dk will release a new single called "Moshi Moshi" the news was posted on their official twitter account. "Moshi Moshi" it's a word in japanese that means "Hello Hello" the tune will be soon available on digital megastores.

Gala made a new song the news was posted on Diva Incarnata blog, the song  sounds very good , i don't know if Gala will think to release  a video but as a single for sure...

Kate Ryan is preparing a new single called "Broken", the premiere of this single will be this Friday on Milk inc anniversary  called Milk inc 15. The new song will be included on Kate new material "ELECTROSHOCK!" and was made with Narco, for more details check also Kate official webpage. Preview here

Verona like they promise will release this fall a new material an album with 12 track just for czech public and next spring will be fallowed by an english album. The news was posted on their Fb account and this is the official Cd cover.

Helena Paparizou a new single

After "Baby it's over" who recived three nominations at the annual Mad Video Music Awards, "Fashion Icon", "Female Artist Of The Year" and "Artist Of The Year", Eurodance diva Helena Paparizou is preparing her next single" Love me crazy (Oti niotho den allazei)", that probably will be released soon on all digital megastores, preview here .

Gala 's hit was relaunched by do it youself media group, the ep includes remixes by Bimbo Jones, Da Brozz & Klaas. The Ep was official released on May 18th, this was released again because past almost 15 years from Gala's debut with this megatune. Preview here.

Medina is preparing a new hit this days from her album "Welcome to Medina" called "The one"(Ensom) the new single will be released on Europe soon. preview here.

AngelZoom aka Caludia Uhle from X-Perience just launched "Everyone Cares", the tune was included on Caludia's album "Nothing Is Infinite".

Ray & Anita a new single !?

2Unlimited It's been almost a year from their last single "In the name of love", a single that made the comeback of this 2 eurodance titans.
This week Ray posted on his FB status that is probably working with Chew Fu a famous dj /producer from US, so the new single from Ray & Anita will have some modern sounds !? who knows!?

Gala is coming back with a new single - ‎"Different Kind of Love" it's called and was promoted on 90's Tour in France last week.

Pandora's new single "You woke my heart" was officially released in Finalnd.

Gala, Kate Project, Kirsty Hawkshaw

Gala open the new website, there you can find all the infos about her and also a preview of the "new material", called "Tough Love Remixes" more infos on the site.

Kate Project The project created by Mauro Farina and G. Crivellente is back this year with 2 new covers "California Gurls & Alejandro". The songs can be found on the compilation "Summer Buzz 2010" more details here.

Kirsty Hawkshaw would take a break from music scene because she has more important things , been a mom, Kristy announce on her Twitter account that's exciting and she can wait when the big moment would happen. Her latest piece of work was with Ulrich Schnauss and was called "Two Trees".

Gala, Groove Coverage, Aqua

Gala is preparing a new material, the album will be ready later this year with the new website. A preview of the tracks from new material can be listen here

Groove Coverage plan to release a new single this summer. Entitled Innocent, this Mike Oldfield cover was already featured on compilation Summer Dance Mania 2010.

Lene Nystrom, Aqua frontlady, will appear in a movie series entitled Varg Veum (from writer Gunnar Staalesen's novels). She plays the part of Karin, the girlfriend of the private detective Varg Veum. Movie will be released this august in Norway.

Infos by Karine Sanche.

Gala, Zippora

Gala is working at her future album called "Tough love" who will be released later this year.

Zippora released a new song and made a video too who was shoot in Antwerp on August 22nd.

Thanks for the infos to Karine Sanche

Crystal Lake Please discover this new dance project from Israel ,their first single is called "Free" and it's made in collaboration with german project Apollo. More infos here

Armin van Buuren, Velvet, Gala, Micheal Mind, E-Rotic, Simone Angel

Armin van Burren after his last success with his last single "In and Out of Love".
Armin put his energy and inspiration for a new song called "Unforgivable". The song was made in collaboration with Jaren.
More infos about the new single can be found here

Velvet released for her swedish fans her next single called "Come Into The Night". Also possible tracks are "My Rhythm", "Radio Star", "Sound Of Music", all this tracks are included on her next album "The Queen".

Gala a greek artist made a cover after's Gala song "Faraway" released in 2006, the artist name is Tamta and the song is called "Ftais".

Micheal Mind born 1973, Jens Kindervater it's a german dj and producer, his "products" are The Real Booty Babes, 2 Vibez, 4 Clubbers, Da Franco, Da Loop Brothers, and now trying his success with this song called "Baker street".In the video you can see and Miss Germany.
More infos here

E-Rotic Jeanette Christensen (Face of E-Rotic in 1996-2001) can be seen every Sunday at 18:00 CET on Swiss SFinfo channel a show called Fenster.

Simone The Partyzone girl talks on her blog about his days on MTV .
The story can be discovered here :)

News: Gala, Milk Inc.,AnnaGrace, N-Trance, Bad Boys Blue

Gala A new material from Gala called Tough Love will be release the date is unknown yet
The songs included on the new album are:
1.Do it
2.He’s not a man
3.Tough Love
5.I’m the world
7.Free from desire the un-remix
8.I see through you
9.You and Me
10.Number 3
11.She really wants to try it
12.DKOL ( Different kind of love)

Gala is touring all over the world from China to Europe the new album was produced in Brooklyn. Her new single Tough Love and its video are in the making under her own independent label based in NY: Matriarchy Records

Special thanx for this photo to Caren Meynen Radio Donna
Milk inc single Race is #1 in Top 5 at RadioSeven also they win last week 3 awards at TMF Awards Best dance, Best live & Best album Forever.

AnneGrace is #1 in NewYork music poolmore details here
N-Trance Kelly Llorenna will be on Tour in November at Clubland FM Live 2 tour.

Bad Boys Blue will in Romania on 18th October for their album release .
The guys will be in „Dublin Pub“ in Iasi.
Tonight 14th October on "Iasi Days" will sing Dj Bobo, Snap, Basshunter, Boney M..

News: The Sound Lovers , Gala, Brooklyn Bounce.....

The Sound Loversare back with a new single entitled My Body And My Soul, a song covered by Lori Glori ( Intermission) and La Bouche in '94.
U can discover also new songs from SoundLovers HERE

Gala is coming back with MLA A Friend Of Joshua samples Gala's Everyone Has Inside.

Kandystand's song Everybody was remixed by American DJ Alex Twister. The new single Everybody - The Electro Remixes will be out on September 29th (thanks to Klems).

Brooklyn Bounce's Get Ready to Bounce recall '08 is currently doing well in Germany's, Schweiz's and Austria's DJ and dance charts (for instance #5 in German Dance Charts, #21 in 0DC, #35 in World Dance Chart)

Scooter's next single will be Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want), a cover of Status Quo, recorded in collaboration with them... Already a part of te UK version of Jumping All Over The World, it will also be featured on the next album Hands On Scooter (gathering Scooter's songs remixed by other artists)

Milk Inc's album Forever is #1 for the 8th week in Belgian ultratop.

News Brought by Karine Sanche

Enigma the new video from Micheal Cretu "Seven Lives" was released and here it is the new video...