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Fool no more by Clic

I just got the new material from german project - Clic. And I must say that i'm very connected with this new project not only because i know  who stands behind of mic but also the "smooth magic style" approched by the Berlin project and from my point of view fits very fine.
The ep contains 5 songs wrote by Samira Besic(Maxx,Slam) arranged by Yann Garcin guitarist, Sebastian Hohmann bass guitar, Samuel Junus drums.
If you love a soft pop rock music i think this EP will satisfy your needs for this kind of genre.
One of my favorite is "Fool No More" and "Do You Feel it" that introduced me with their magic 'cause is a "magic Ep", and can be pre order here  !!

For more infos check out the official page Registered & Protected