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Where are you now

Is not a  question or a message for me to someone, is just the amazing track release by danish singer Nadia Malm from Sventrup & Vendelboe. Even.. doesn't agree to be involved in that project, is just were i found her and i felt the magic . It seems that Nadia felt also the magic between Sventrup &Vendelboe and she release a new single entitled "Hvor Er Du Nu" Where are you now with. It was very inspired why !? because the single has a huge popularity in Danemark  and was named the hit of the week.
Many of you who are english speakers i've been asking why i'm choosing a danish song ! It just the magic that any kind of language  has and if you are a true music lover you know what i mean.. Music has no frontier  only a message who can reach people heart and it's Nadia Malm case who has that magic even if she sings in danish !
The new single can be found on deezer

Nadia Malm in studio

Nadia Malm one of the voice  of  Svenstrup & Vendelboe, confirmed the news that she is Norway working with JFMee on her next songs .

I recorded some songs in English but I also have to Danish songs on the way. It's not completely decided yet but I think my next single will be in Danish while i perfect the others said Nadia

Nadia is known after the collaboration with danish project Svenstrup & Vendelboe at Dybt Vand, a song who had an immense success in Danemark and not only.
Asked if she will continue the collaboration with the guys the singer said: 

We are not making anymore music as a trio as I'm focused on my own career now but we still write/compose music together.