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Love Inc without a member

The Canadian project Love inc says very well to ones of his members Brad Dimonds who recently passed away.
The project was known after their huge hits such as "You're a superstar" , "Into the night", "Broken Bones" "Here comes the sunshine". 
The lead singer Simone Denny posted recently a message with this news ...

Simone Denny a real Superstar

In this world when we have less good examples, and more trash, one artist continue to share to the world that she has more to offer.
The artist that I am talking about is Simone Denny lead singer of canadian project Love Inc.
I watched her career among the years, and what I saw is to keep to be herself, and is transmitting this message through her music.

Be yourself and shine like a superstar.

By the way the she never contact me to write something about her, but I was amazed how people is reacting to her music... I was very impressed, like her,  when I saw a video with her performance at Reminisce Fest 2017.
The public was thrilled ,and sang with her ... or didn't let her :)
Simone Denny is one a few  examples that world needs to know... and she deserve also more... cause real Superstars are not only the ones with Grammys  or Billboard hits but also a people with the good energy who's sharing whit the public.
So Simone please shine like superstar cause that what you are! And... I mean it!

Simone Denny a little accident

Simone Denny (Love inc. ) had a little accident last week, the message was posted by Simone on a famous social network.

An inflamed  tendon  sent me directly to my doctor. Now i'm starting to walk better again! No worries! Said the singer to her fans.

Simone now is very busy working on her promotion for Stereo Dynamite Sessions vol. 1 a material inspired by old soul and  rock n roll more infos here


Gina G is back for a quick "Just a little bit"

The Australian eurodance singer is stuck in time cause she still looks amazing i don't know what's her secret but she thought to come back this days after 6 years of break with a new material.
Gina G aka Gina Mary Anne Gardner came with a new single called "Next 2U" which will be soon released worldwide, and today on Joy Radio Australia will be the premiere of the new tune.

Soundlovers aka Nathalie Aarts is preparing a new single release with Kim Lukas, the new tune will pe performed on Luca Zeta private party this June and it's called "Breathe Again".

Love Inc Simone Deny lead singer recently was asked if she thinks to do a remake of Love Inc hitsingle "Superstar". Simone "If my fans want that song why not".
Right now canadian diva is working on her future material that will be released soon on all digital megastores.

N-Trance lead singer Kelly Llorenna is shooting a video with Freak Asylum, the material will be released next month and can be seen on Clubland TV.

Double You aka William Naraine is releasing his first video "If i could fall" and will be released soon on armanda tv channel.

2Brothers on the 4th Floor, Diva's of Dance, Double You, Love Inc

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Whats going on with 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor today? First of all they will perform live on May 31th in Evenementanzaal in Delfzijl and on Oktober 3rd in Assen, Holland.
DesRay herself is still singing old classics with her band under the name DesRay & Friends. She likes soul and jazz music and performs live hits like Beautifil Day, All Night Long, Time After Time and Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Her next concert will be on May 3rd in Gooiland te Hilversum. DesRay had also recorded two dance tracks I Want It All (by Queen) and Respect (by Aretha Franklin) and still takes parts in the bands Diva's Of Dance and Killer Queen .
D-Rock's latest collaboration is with the house project Soul Migrantz with whom he released two hits :Calling Chicago and Socialize.

Diva's of Dance The Diva's Of Dance (Anita Doth, DesRay and Linda) will keep on singing in 2009 again. In the last few years they had a huge success in Holland with the hits Deeper Love, Lost In Music and Falling Into The Groove. Nevermind that the divas still have arrangements with their old bands or with their solo careers they decided to keep the project alive.The new Idea is to make concerts together with their rapper partners and singing the biggest eurodance hits. So this year we will have Anita & Ray, DesRay & D-Rock and Linda & Shamrock on the scene. The next concert of the divas and co. is planned for May 12th 2009. More infos.

Double You
DJ Ross aka Rossano Prini have made a brand new hit together again with Double You and its a remix of the old hit Please Dont Go (DWA). The track DJ ROSS VS. DOUBLE YOU – Please don’t go 2009 (Dj Ross Club Mix) was released in DJ Ross' last Cd Compilation - The Bomb. This is the name of his italian radio show. The last hits of this duo were To The Beat and Change. More infos

Infos by Music Express

Love Inc A great comeback former vocalist Love inc , Simone Denny is back this year with an hot single called “Luv Sick”, the track was co written by the amazing Inaya Day and Simone.
What can I say about the song it’s an amazing dance tunes ready to kick the European dance charts …. Simone Denny once again proved that with this track is time to comeback on dance scene…. World watch out after "You’re superstar" is coming “Luv Sick” with Simone Denny & Jean Maxwell
The song can be listen here

The second single will be “Your love” Simone done for this single and a video… the words are nothing I will let you to find yourself that amazing track… by the way if you like the song you can leave and a comment on youtube Simone will answer it!
"Your Love" will be released on May 11th..

Thank you very much Simone Denny

The true story of 2Unlimited, Aqua, Love inc, Jessy

2Unlimited Since last summer when Anita Doth was saying to the belgium press she was thinking to sing again with Raymond under the band name 2 Unlimited for at least one time many fans believed a possible comeback was near and asked thousand times the same questions :
Is it true ? Will the executive producer Jean Paul De Coster who owns all the copyrights on the band name 2 Unlimited will accept ? Will we see a live concert of Raymond & Anita in 2009 ?
No no no.There is still a big problem with the band name 2 Unlimited and we all hope the ex-members & the producers will find a solution in a near future for all their fans worldwide.
YES Raymond & Anita will perform together on april 11, 2009 for the I LOVE THE '90 party !
Bad news ? ToCo International stopped all 2 Unlimited projects since the last record (the dvd / best of Greatest Remix Hits) they have tried was a commercial failure.
2008 was a decisive year.A lot of fans discovered the dancers James & Deborah (No Limit 2.3) were still presented worldwide as 2 Unlimited & Jean Paul De Coster closed Byte Records website too.
Thank you for this info to 2unlimited website

Aqua are back to rockin the show in 2009. Yes you see it right you don’t need to clean your monitor from your pc .
Claus Norreen said on Aqua conference : “Since we starded in 1994 we were togheter all time and therefore friction moved occur. Luckly we stopped, before it became really bad . Time heals all sorrows and now we’re ready for a new round, what we have it just quite funny . Aqua are grown up and will be relaxed for the upcoming shows this year .” Claus.

Love inc Simonne Denny (Love inc vocalist) finished some new tracks you can discover them right here

Jessy Some exclusive photos from video shoot Can't get enough from last Friday i found and i will posted here. Enjoy it!!

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