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Scooter , RIO, Millennium, Age of Love

Scooter's new album comes in three versions : standard (1 CD or digital). The limited edition contains one bonus CD + a DVD featuring all the darker songs Scooter had produced till now like Am Fenster, Marian, She's the sun(thanks to Christian Ohrens).

Their new video was launched and the result is this.... enjoy it!

RIO feat Tony Dyer presented a new track entitled "Serenade". It will be featured on their forthcoming album "Shine On".

Infos by
Karine Sanche

Millennium it's a project made in Spain with Juanjo Martin & Rebeka Brown(vocalist) , and their first single was released on October, so take a look and listen this new cool project

Age of love was the best new trance project from 90's , now in 2009 big names such as Paul Van Dyk, Jam & Spoon, Emmanuel Top and Cosmic Gate brought to light this project and the song. This track was also covered by Scooter in '97.