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Marisa is launching her website

The lady who become the brand of the belgian project Paradisio with the different colorful wigs - Marisa came last summer on stage in Belgium making her comeback on euodance scene.
The singer also released this days her  official website where you can find tourdates, videos and news.. more here
Marisa left Paradisio in 1998  becoming a shadow till now .. i think this year is the year of the comebacks but i don't know if she'll do new stuff with Paradisio!!

Nastala, Paradiso, KopaTechnic

Nastala aka Gita Lake its the new electronic dance artist from UK, in 2009 she released with Chris Lake 2 smash hits “ Start again & If you knew”. In 2010 is trying her solo success with the song "Crazy" who is pumping this week on Mtv Top 10 Dance Chart , "Crazy" was released on 24th May in UK .

Paradisio is preparing a new remix of the song "Bailando (Me Dices Adios) 2010".

Discover this new group called KopaTechnic and their single "Welcome To Kopatechnic". More infos here