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Inna vs Alexandra Stan

Many rumors were wrote in romanian press that INNA and Alexandra Stan are rivals. But both singers denied the rumors and were not "eaten" by press. So the girls thought just for this time to show that INNA and Alexandra  Stan can do a song together. We Wanna is called the new single and was made with Daddy Yankee, the rapper who was not stranger to INNA,  he did the summer hit More then Friends .
We Wanna will be out this month world wide.

Alexandra Stan invited on #TheVoiceRomania

Romanian singer Alexandra Stan, was invited last Friday to perform live on the romanian semifinals of The Voice.
The singer was very enthusiastic and she shared some thoughts with the participants.  

I felt so good on The Voice stage, the public was amazing, and the jury were there to motivate to give everything. I was invited to perform live on stage my act and my new single Vanilla Chocolat. I  come to this show as a guest the producers of the show invite me...  said Alexandra

Alexandra also denied the rumors about release of Vanilla Chocolat  video:

I want to deny the rumors and tell you that the video of Vanilla Chocolat has not yet been shot, so not come out this week.

Alexandra Stan and Inna together for a good cause

Recently you saw the new hastag #iSupportRomanianArtists (A hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the hash character#)used by romanian singers Alexandra Stan and Inna. Both singer were involved in a new campaign to promote romanian music. It seems that Inna and Alexandra are using often this hastag to let the people that romanian music is the new kpop ! Recently Alexandra pose for romanian cover of Elle magazine and a famous cosmetic company wanted that Alexandra to be their image.

Alexandra Stan she beat kpop divas - Girls Generation

Romanian singer Alexandra Stan she beat kpop sensation Girls Generation, her recent album Unlocked is no 1 in top dance albums in Japan and #5 in most downloaded albums, competing with kpop divas Girls Generation who are on the same top at no #18 with the album The Best.

Alexandra Stan  
I feel super excited right now, because my new album was just released in and went straight to No1

It's not the only success of Alexandra there, Dance is # 2 in top 40 for about 7 weeks competing with other kpop sensation Sistar and Kara.Alexandra said that her future single will be called "Back to light" and will be released soon.

Few hours left? NO. I prefer to release it now just for my lovely ! Do you agree? Keep in touch with my twitter feed.

Give me your everything by Alexandra Stan

Alexandra is ready for a new release, the announce was made by the singer a few days ago. The new single will be called Give me your everything and will be ready next week with the video. Give me your everything was included on Alexandra's new material Unlocked. 

Liked · August 21 

Happy to say the music video for my new single "Give me your Everything" will drop next week on August 27th! #alexandrastan #givemeyoureverything #unlocked
— feeling fantastic.

Alexandra Stan is releasing a new album

Alexandra Stan reveled that a new album is finished and ready to release, what is amazing about this album is that Alexandra also cowrote a few songs with help of her music producer. The news was revealed in the interview gave to directlyrics.

Yes, that’s true, I’m launching a new album this year, quite soon actually. We’re not revealing the launch date yet, but it’s safe to say you won’t have to wait for TOO long.
......The album is almost done, we’re working on the final touches right now. I really like the result and I’m so eager to launch it. ....It comes with a new positive vibe, you get to have new experiences. I enjoyed the studio hours and I loved working with these amazing people. When we’re all there in the studio we have so much fun that it doesn’t feel like work. That’s why we work till sunrise, almost every time. said Alexandra

Recenlty was chosen by Argentinian magazine Fashion Laws to be on their cover and the readers rated as the most sexiest artist.

The new video Alexandra Stan

Alexandra Stan is really excited about the new video launched  today in Japan, and shared this moment with her fans.
The new single was signed  by Alexandru Cotoi, Alexandra Stan, Erik Lidbom, Mika Moupondo, LeeAnna James, Cosmin Basasteanu, and the video was made the same director who shoot the previous ones - Khaled Mokhtar

So excited to show you my new video - Dance!
Hit play & enjoy!


Alexandra Stan is preparing a new video. According to Music channel the singer is filming the  new video for Dance, the new single that will be released soon.

We are going to release in August  a new album, it's for Japan market, and at the end of this summer will be available world wide. It's my first album were i can  express my true feelings as a singer and i'm very proud of the result said Alexandra Stan

The new single Dance and the 2nd single after Thanks for leaving and Cherry Pop, was composed by Alex Cotoi And Mika Moupondo on Fonogram Studios and the video was directed by Khaled Mokhtar

I was in France, in October last year, and I simply sang the chorus of this song, and  wrote the words and that ideea become my new single Dance" Alexandra Stan

The new single will be available in couple of days ...

Set me free

After she conquered asian tops, romanian dance singer Alexandra Stan made a collaboration with Dj Andi for Set Me Free. It's a song wrote by Alex Cotoi, John Puzzle & Mika Moupondo and was chosen to this year the anthem of Liberty Parade.
For my point of view is the best single launched by her because it's my taste..

Alexandra Stan hits Japan market

Even the Cherry pop was not appreciated by Romanian critics, Alexandra Stan knew that success of this tune would come from Asian countrys especially- Japan.
After a few hours from asian release, the single Cherry pop entered directly at no #1. 

So happy right now! "Cherry Pop" launched today in Japan and entered the charts directly at #1, all thanks to you! ありがとう!  #cherrypop

Alexandra's Stan Twitter account was cloned

The singer announced that somebody cloned her official account posting news that she's participating on Eurovision and other gigs.
Contacted by us the singer confirmed that news about twitter incident, and now is contacting the twitter management to delete the other account.

Yes a fake Alexandra Stan was created and we conatct twitter for that matter.

Alexandra Stan cameback on stage on  New Year's Eve at Sibiu with a big concert and new team.

The fake twitter 


Alexandra Stan with a new look

 Romanian singer is coming this days with new staff. Already the singer posted on her official website new photos  with her look and some news.

Roses are red / violets are blue / soon I'll release / a surprise for you! Can't wait said on her FB.

But we also know that is preapring a new single that will be released soon with the team that i wrote here

It's official Alexandra is coming back!

After she conquered the hole world with Mr. Saxobeat, Lemonade and All my people. Romanian singer Alexandra Stan decided that it's time to comeback on music scene but this time with a new producer Smiley from Haha production. Smiley  was also the person involved in project Radio Killer.
The news about comeback was shared by the singer in a interview.

"I think it's time to comeback and i feel fine from all the points" said the singer

Unfortunately we don't know when the new single will be release, till then we cross fingers for her:)

Alexandra Stan's bully menace a radio dj!

After he beat Alexandra Stan , ex manager menace a radio dj/tv presenter . The TV presenter received hallucinatory message last week from Alexandra Stan's bully who has returned to  music scene with a new single. And gave the opportunity of Tv presenter to retaliate, because he didn't took his part in that scandal, but the TV presenter  took measures, and shared in his tv show the hole discussion with the bully  :

M P : "I give you a chance to pay back  .Because you didn't take my part. "

M M : " I think you have a rude attitude . When you hit a woman, you, as a man , how can you pretend to take someone with you ? "

M P : " If you were you in a life and death situation , you can not be given so brave. I have worked very hard to get where we are . You should be fair, that 's why you 're a journalist - radio man . "

M M : " Whatever you did as a producer deserve all the respect for that, but your gesture canceled you as a man. "

Alexandra Stan is taking a break

Last night Alexandra Stan appeared on national television telling that she will take a break from music scene, it was the first appearance of the singer after the incident with her manager.

I took a well deserved vacation with my family, I needed time to think about what happened"

Alexandra explain why she took this decision because it's involved in a anti-violence  campaign, and this takes all her free time.

 I want to help the women who have been and still are going through the same situation as me. I think it's much better to prevent than to defend. said the singer

This is the only collaboration at the moment that involves the singer.

Alexandra Stan suffered an accident

Alexandra Stan was disfigured by his manager. Last Saturday her manager posted on Alexandra Stan FB that she suffered a car  accident.

 Alexandra Stan has been involved in an accident. She is recovering. More info to come. 
Alexandra Stan Management

On the other half the singer told to newspapers that was beaten by  her manager

"Everything it's a lie, I had no car accident.'s An invention of my manager, who beat me to put me in the hospital. I want to let everyone to know that i endured horrible treatment of him by the year, and I can not accept that ! The accident was just an excuse to justify my absence from the concerts!" said the singer for RTV.

Asked by the journalist from RTV the singer told that incident happen saturday evening in studio, when she  had  a discussion with  on money, because she was unhappy with her payment.
Then Alexandra was beaten then till she fainted, a police car  found her and she was taken to hospital immediately.

More details here

                                                Photo ziua constanta

Alexandra Stan

In a recent interview gave to mexican press Alexandra Stan said that is preparing her 2nd album till now were made 5 new songs . The date and what genre is not known. Alexandra is now in tour in Mexic promoting the album Mr. Saxobeat who is still popular now even in Japan. In recent poll made by Facebrands Inna and Alexandra Stan are the most popular romanian brands on Facebook..