Alexandra Stan suffered an accident

Alexandra Stan was disfigured by his manager. Last Saturday her manager posted on Alexandra Stan FB that she suffered a car  accident.

 Alexandra Stan has been involved in an accident. She is recovering. More info to come. 
Alexandra Stan Management

On the other half the singer told to newspapers that was beaten by  her manager

"Everything it's a lie, I had no car accident.'s An invention of my manager, who beat me to put me in the hospital. I want to let everyone to know that i endured horrible treatment of him by the year, and I can not accept that ! The accident was just an excuse to justify my absence from the concerts!" said the singer for RTV.

Asked by the journalist from RTV the singer told that incident happen saturday evening in studio, when she  had  a discussion with  on money, because she was unhappy with her payment.
Then Alexandra was beaten then till she fainted, a police car  found her and she was taken to hospital immediately.

More details here

                                                Photo ziua constanta


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