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Dance Updates

Technotronic "Pump up The jam" Technotronic hit single was remixed by Dimitri Vegas and was included on Club Rotation compilation this year.
The new single can be buy it here .

Blank & Jones released a new compilation called "So80s (So Eighties), Vol. 4 " and will be launched this summer more details here.

E-Type Marlene Strand (from reality show Idol) et 23 year old lyricist Elin Svensson aka EllyEve will be E-Type's new chorists on his next tour. Thanks to KDJ

Double You new material will be called "Life" and includes also the singles "If Could Fall" and "Definitely Sure". You can grab it here.

AnnaGrace, Simone Denny, Blank & Jones

AnnaGrace launched the new video "Love keeps calling", the video features image of the new belgian movie "Bo" and will be out on 10th of february 2010, AnnaGrace new single is part of the movie's original soundtrack.

Simone Denny is preparing a new material with Barry Harris who will be dropped out later this year. The last single "Drama queen" was peaked at Top 5 on the Billboard Dance Chart this week.

Blank & Jones released on 22th January a compilation called "Eat Raw for Breakfast Beatport EP PT. 2" The material can be found on beatport

Blank & Jones, Edun, In-Grid

Blank & Jones Released on beatport a compilation called "Le Voyage Abstrait Deluxe" made with Raphael Marionneau.The LP contain 7 tracks for more infos here.

Edun announced on her official myspace account that it’s working on her future material who will be launched next year.

In-Grid after her hit single "Tu Es Foutu" from 2002, In-Grid made a new material called "Passion" who includes 14 tracks, first single released from this album was "Le Dragueur" , the second single is called "Les Fous" a nice soft track in In-Grid style. For more infos

Blank & Jones, Alex

Blank & Jones released 3 CD Deluxe Box incl. exclusive so8os Mix by Blank & Jones plus all 12" Versions unmixed & unedited digitally remastered from the Original Master Tapes, 36 Page Booklet incl. all Original Record Artworks & extensive 2,000 word essay.More infos about this complilation you can find here

Alex is back a with new pure eurodance single, to be digitally released on October 31st (day of Halloween). Moonlight is inspired from the Twilight saga film and New moon film... The new album is ready. Entitled Self Control, it should be out on December 4th (thanks to Alex himself).

Info by Karine Sanche

Blank & Jones , Abigail Bailey, Arash, Dr. Alban, Schiller

Blank & Jones will lunched the next series of chillout compilation "Relax 4" the release date will be on April 17.On this compilation put their voices Keane, Laid Back and Vanessa Daou. The compilation can be found Here. Thanx to Dance News

Abigail Bailey you can listen her every day from 2 pm till 4 pm at Push fm. You can find more infos about her daily show here

Arash another big surpise will come from Arash because will participate at ESC 2009 with AYSEL. The song is called "Always" and will represent AZERBAIJAN on ESC 2009 from Russia.

Dr.Alban will do a song with Haddaway the name is unkown yet we have to wait till summer. Now the Dr. is involved in charity projects in Nigeria.

Schiller An exclusive track can be discoverd on Schiller myspace , the track is called "I need you" and was made in collaboration with Jael. The track will have and a video soon.

Fusion Radio Suck

September, Atb, Blank and Jones, Aqua, Bed & Breakfast

September The new single from Petra will be called "Can't Get Over" and will be release on 9th March 2009 for UK only.
Petra also shoot a new video for this song and can't be found on September & September Gold.

Blank & Jones The new album released in 2008, "Miracle Cure" is the best selling album, also was nominated officially as "best trance track of 2008" by BEATPORT.
You can vote for them here

photo from
Aqua will perform on 3th July 2009 on Nibe Festival in Denmark.

Bed & Breakfast The guys are working on their solo project:
- Daniel Aminati is a presenter on german television Prosieben but also sings whit his band more infos here.
- Florian working in studio for his solo material you can discover more here
- Kofinger released last year his first single called "My Dear" from his album "Can't take it away".
More infos here

Morgana, Blank & Jones, Sabrina, Waldo's People

Morgana after three years of break the project Morgana came out with a new material “Turn it into love” the new material will be released next year.
The first single lunched from this new album will be called “Turn it into love” .
The project Morgana came with a nice chorus and a new vocalist ..this project is produced by the same publishing group like euroreggae artist Jessica Jay (SAIFAM)

Blank & Jones release single number 3 from the outstanding "Logic of Pleasure" album!
Just in time for the big final show of the album world tour in L.A. this week, Blank & Jones release the fantastic song "Where You Belong".

Basto! The Belgian dj join forces with John Dahlback and made a cool dance track called “Out There” the single contain remixes from Eric Prydz & Freemasons.

Dj Project ( aka Elena) is working on the new video Hotel, the shoot began this week.
The single will be on their new material called “In the club” for this material Dj Maxx said that he worked with many artists ..” this material will be a big surprise for our fans it’s just the way to say thank you to them” .
The new material will be released at the beginning of 2009

Anna Nordell( E-Type’s former vocalist) took part on Show for Christmas the clip with her performance can be watch Here

Sabrina in case if you missed the documentary about the shooting of the newest video from Sabrina Salerno here it is

Dj Cosmo you can vote for this dj here

Waldo's People shoot the video who will be on ESC 2009 preselection called "Lose Control"
They will be among the candidates to represent Finland at the next Eurovision Song Contest.
The preselection will be on January.
Thanx for this info to Karine Sanche

News: Dj Jurgen , Robin S, Amber, Blank & Jones, Dave Darell, Sash

Dj Jurgen in 1998 he made the big score with his number 1 record BETTER OF ALONE with Alice Deejay. This made him a well known dj all over the world.
Now in 2008 is coming with a new single called "Higher Love".

Robin S a new recall was made on Robyn S song Show me love 2008.

Amber just signed off on 4 licenses in Germany with Dancestreet Records for 4 compilations:

Disco Celebration Vol. 4 to be released in January 2009
Vocal House Explosion to be releases in January 2009
Gay Happening Vol. 19 out since this month
Divas of Dance VIDEO DVD compilation to be released in March 2009

From Amber herself

Blank & Jones are nominated at Trance Award
Best Dj : Blank & Jones
Best Producer : Blank & Jones
Best Label : Soundcolours
Best Track : Blank & Jones - Miracle Cure
Best Album: Blank & Jones - The Logic of Pleasure
Best Radio Show : The Logic of Pleasure Mix Session
Best Website:

You can vote for them here

Dave Darell did a cover of Robert Miles Children
Thanx toKarine Sanche & Anders Bogh

Sash vs Stunt new single Raindrops will be out on market in the UK and in Germany on November 14th

Thanx toKarine Sanche & WEB Dj's

News: Groove Coverage, Enigma, Amber, Blank & Jones, Katerine

Groove Coverage The group are currently working on their next album which is due to be released in winter. The new single will be released in autumn 2008.
Thanx for this info to Karine Sanche

Enigma Micheal Cretu released his single called "La Puerta Del Cielo" , the single it's from his recent album called "Seven Lives".
You can win a cd if u answer at this questions QUIZ

Amber A new interview about his new project of Amber's was given on
The article can be seen HERE

Blank & Jones put their touch on the compilation Chiltronic - A Definition #1.
The Cd was released on 24th October. For more infos about this album HERE

Katerine Avgoustakis was born on September 16, 1983, to a Greek father and a Belgian mother, who passed away in 2005, at 54 years old, after a long struggle with liver cancer.
Currently, she lives in Maasmechelen. Avgoustakis used to be a beauty specialist and before that a saleswoman. During the third quarter of 2005, it was announced that Avgoustakis had been dating Pim Symoens, who was #4 in Star Academy and who also works for JIMtv, a popular Flemish music channel.
Katerine won in 2006 best new act at TMF Music Awards with the song Here comes all the boys.
The new single of her is called "Ultrasonic" and it's a dance song and very popular in Belgium.

More infos about this artist HERE

News: Alex C, Enigma , Sash, September, Blank & Jones

Alex C The new single from Floorfilla, DJ Cerla & MC Momo, will be released soon. It will include a special remix by Alex C.

August 18th is the date for the worldpremiere of Enigma's video for the single Seven Lives. It's the first Enigma video for five years. The single is out now and the album Seven Lives Many Faces will be released on September 19th.

New from SASH! feat. Stunt is the single Raindrops (Encore Une Fois Part 2). SASH! couldn't get enough of Raindrops and after hearing and seeing the mayhem this bootleg was causing he decided to combine his '97 hit with the Stunt top line of Raindrops to make this huge commercial record! It was released on August 8th. (Kenneth Lauridsen)
infos from Dance artists

September Petra will be invited on german show The Dome 47, the show will be brodcast by RTL 2 on 29 August.

Thanx to Karine Sanche

BlanK & Jones After they finished the first part of their "Logic of Pleasure" world tour last weekend, BlanK & Jones are proud to announce the release of the new single "California Sunset", which is taken from the new album.