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Pharao is back in studio

Kyra just announced on facebook that now is recording with the new rapper some new tracks. The singer said that is the perfect time to make new tracks with Pharao and the new team, but she didn't tell when the tracks will be ready for release.
As soon she posted the news fans commented that she was the time for new stuff and they want to hear the old style of Pharao and not Avicii style.

                                         Vocal recording with Prince. Rap time! said Kyra

Pharao now is complete

Kyra from Pharao ,sorry Isis i meant, revealed who is the new member in Pharao project - the prince of dance.

Pharao was a project initially formed in 1994 by  Alexander Hawking DJ Stevie Steve producers and Kyra Pharao vocalist and Deon Blue rapper who left in 1997, because he wanted to be the star in the project.
And now after so many years the lead singer Kyra , dj/producer BK Duke, and the prince of dance are coming back to revive the project Pharao.

Kyra change her image

From Royal Wife played in german dance project Pharao , Kyra aka Claudia Banerjee came on dance scene with a new image as Goddess of Peacock - Isis, Hera in Greek mythology, Juno in Roman mythology, and Saraswati  in hindi.
Why this turn of image, because Kyra things that is the time to evaluate, to change, and Isis represents what she is now.
Isis was the goddess of  health, marriage, and love in Ancient Egyptian religious beliefs and represented by a  peacock.
 Preparation for the new project are still  under work, and the fall will came with big surprise from Kyra - sorry Isis! 

The return

Is conformed, another project is gonna make the comeback on eurodance scence.  Like i said  in my previous posts Kyra from Pharao makes her comeback but this time performing live. The news was send to us by the new producer BK Duke that Kyra is working with.  

Pharao will return this autumn live on stage. said BK Duke

The return will be in a 90s gig for more details check the page of Pharao Official

Kyra's next single revealed

Last summer on June 6th i posted a news about Kyra the lead singer of Pharao.
The singer explained that 2013 is the year when she will coming back on dance scene with new tunes.

2013 will be the return of Kyra. We finished right now the first single. A collaboration with well known house producer and dj BK Duke (Pacha Rec.)

And she's coming, like she said with a collaboration between german dj BK Duke and Lazard.  And the single is "6 o'clock (we rock)".

Asked BK Duke when will be release the dj answered:  We don't know a exactly date of this single because the label didn't tell  us. Until now we organized some new remixes, and we expect news from them. But i can tell you the name of the single  "6 o'clock (we rock)", a song that was made with me - BK Duke, Lazard, Kyra and Will Gibbs.


The return of... Pharao

After so many years of silence the lead singer of Pharao is coming in 2013 with a new single.  Claudia Banerjee aka Kyra Pharao shared with us the big news of her comeback.  It's her first single made in collaboration with dj and producer dj BK Duke (Pacha Rec.). The single will be out this fall but she didn't mentioned what the title is.
The second single who is working now it's a cover of Pharao.

Claudia:  In 2013 will be the return of Kyra. We finished right now the first single. A collaboration with well known house producer & dj BK Duke (Pacha Rec.)Release of the single will be in autumn 2013.
The production for the second single will start next week and will be a cover from whom?(•‿•)

Kyra was the lead singer of german eurodance  project Pharao, their first single "I Show You Secrets" won the golden disc in Germany, then was followed by "There's a star" who won also a golden disc. In 1997 Pharoa came with a album but without the rapper Deon Blue who left the project,  "Temple of love" (the first single from the album "Return of Pharao") was the only song who was charted .
 In  2001 the management  announced  that project officially -  disbanded.
But in 2010 eurodance blog searched the lead singer and she made the first interview after Pharao.
For more news about Kyra keep close our blog...

Dj Aligator, Pharao, Michael Mind, Guru Josh Project, Simone Denny

Dj Aligator made a remix of Mohamed Ali new song “Rocket”. Mohamed Ali contribute also at Aligator song "I’m coming home" from "Kiss my B-ass" album released in 2009.

Pharao is back !? no, only Kyra spooks in a great interview why she left this project and if is still keep in touch with Deon. More infos you can discover here.

Micheal Mind released a new song called “How does is feel” the tune was released officially on 27th November 2009. Klass also made a remix of this track. For more infos check this page.

Guru Josh Project After "Infinity" the song who hit charts from all over the world, Guru Josh Project thought that it’s time to release another hot single, the new tune is called "Eternity" and it’s made with amazing voice of Kym Mazelle. For more infos check this page.

Simone Denny (former Love inc. vocalist) did it once again, her new single "Drama Queen" is # 5 in Billboard dance charts this week.