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Fun Factory are preparing something

photo Balca Tözün

The original team of Fun Factory Toni Cottura, Steve Browarczyk, Balca Tözün and Anthony Freeman are back you all know that, but there's something you don't know. ..Fun Factory are preparing something for fans, a new material after so many years in this formula, and will be out later this year. The news was confirmed by Balca Tozun vocalist, and the real voice of this project.

Yes is it true are we working on FF album with hits but also with new songs, i don't know when will be out ..but it's done. Right now we are very busy with the concerts, and happy to see our fans after so many years.... so stay tune for more news from us... said Balca

3 2 1 Fun Factory

          [photo: Balca]

The original Fun Factory made a quick visit in Romania for the second time in 2014, but the first time as the real Fun Factory.
Toni Cottura and Balca are not strangers to this country because they worked with few artists here, but this story is not about their solo careers, is just a story of "Real Fun Factory" who came back, after so many years but more mature, with new forces and ready to party!
Last night the team were invited in Sibiu to celebrate with their fans the New Years Eve, but also to performing the new song entitled Get Crunk.

The news was shared by original vocalist Balca Tozun:
Fun Factory Silvester night in Sibiu on Stage,with our new track "Get crunk" ...I wish everybody a wonderful and happy new

Preview of the single here

A message to Fun Factory Seniors

Toni Cottura,Balja original vocalist, Steve and Ski are back as Fun Factory The original. But is not that the news, rarely we comments of appreciations from the persons who were involved in dance projects but was not in the case of Fun Factory. Recently Al Walser the one who replace them in 1999 shared amazing message to  Fun Factory Seniors :

If you want to give your greetings to Fun Factory Seniors you can do it here

Fun Factory the original

The orginal member's of Fun Factory reunited. Toni Cottura( rapper/producer), Balja (original vocalist)Steve and  Ski finnally decide that is the time to join forces again in the project who blow the charts in 90's with funny songs like : Celebration,  I wanna be with you, Don't go away, Pain, Take your chance, Prove your love and many others.
That period was a great one because Tv's and radios were not so addicted to mainstream and naked videos, and music was created for listeners to have fun, even now are played  and they have the same originality.
Coming back to  FF, the team are touring now in Poland , US, and they made also a new track "Hands up" cover after Ottawan.
Let's hope that Tony, Baljia and Steve will stick each other for a long time to bring us more happy tunes from Fun Factory.
By the way is not the genre of music who can control listeners emotions but artists passion and devotion to the project.

Eurodance News

Schiller aka Christopher von Deylen was invited on DW Tv to spoke about his starts in this industry, and also to talk about his music projects,Christopher confirmed that the new material will be out this December and available on all digital megastores. His recent single "Always you" is pumping up in the charts and was made with french singer Anggun. The hole interview can be seen here.

Jocelyn Brown( Todd Terry, Change) is back with a new music project called Allstars Collective and can be see live Tonight(December 10) at Jazz Cafee.

Guru Josh Project released a new single called "This is the night", and was oficially released on September, a smack preview here.

Fun Factory third generation team changed once again. Now, there only remains Douglas and Jenna. Some new songs are currently in preparation... (Thanks to Eva Sipkova & Karine Sanche)

Helena Paparizou released last month another greek single called "Girna Me Sto Htes", a preview of the new song here.(Thanks to Karine Sanche)

Scooter's next album should be released around Spring 2011. On 25th June, Scooter will perform in Hamburg IMTECH Arena, a stadium which offers a capacity of 60.000 persons, for a special concert called "The stadium techno inferno". This will be the biggest Scooter concert so far.(Info by Karine Sanche)

Interview Balca

Balca is one of the best kept secrets in Fun Factory's history. She was born on April 14th, 1976. She was credited on the projects 2 first albums and she appeared in their first video clip Groove Me. She could also have been the vocalist of the project 2 Raff.

In 2009 paired up with Romanian artist Vali Craciunescu to make the song "Surrender" for Eurovision preselection but the song was not chosen...
Balca this days is working on her solo material who's gonna be out next year, till then you can read the interview made with her.

Hello Tavi, First of all, thank you for your demand.

Balca how did you start your music career ?
I began my career when I was 14 years old, with Toni , Steve and Rod!

Many people knows you as the voice of Fun Factory... does it bother you?
No it doesn’t bother me it was my voice and I’m proud of that;) .

Why did you choose to be the "shadow" of this project ?
Because of a disagreement we separated, but we were still in a contract, so I had to sing further for FF..

What is your fav track from Fun Factory ?
My fav’s are Pain, Take your chance!

What do you think about dance music industry this days ?
You asked about Music industry, hmm... I think eurodance is dead and its getting harder everyday to bring out good music. That’s why I’m not only doing this!

Do you like to collaborate with some dance artists if you do with whom ?
I’m always open for projects as long as i can identify myself with it! Why, you wanna work with me?:-)

Future projects ?!
I’m doing a lot of other projects yes, but cant talk about it, sorry.

My message to my fans:
take care,

Special Thanks to Balca

Velvet, Fun Factory, Evi Goffin

Velvet aka Jenny Petersson is preparing a new single called "My Destiny" it's all ready released in Sweden and soon will launched in Europe too. The tune is from the new album "The Queen" released this year in March.

Fun FactoryThird Generation recorded a new single entitled Shut Up. It was actually written by Torsten Abrolat... and Toni Cottura ! They sang it at We Love The 90s concert last November. (Thanks to Eva Sipkova)(info by Karine Sanche

Find out why Evi Goffin left from Lasgo and what are her future plans in this interview
Special thanks to Evi Goffin.

News: Spagna , Lasgo ,May, Fun Factory

Spagna Italo mega-star, composer and producer Ivana Spagna needs no introduction. She contributed to this excellent sunny dance track by Swiss new sensation Robb Cole, from his current album Indescrivibile. Splendid vocals, a catchy chorus and a bouncy happy melody. The CD maxi also includes 2 remixes by Davide Riva. A potential summer hit !Dancing On The Beach

Nu mai are nevoie de nici o prezentare compozitoarea si producatoarea Ivana Spagna, doar ca de curand si-a pus amprenta vocala pe un track apartinand elvetianului Robb Cole.Piesa face parte de pe albumul de deput al artistului numit "Indescrivibile".
O piesa vesela cu refren usor de retinut si o voce extraordinara care da viata piesei... "Dancing On The Beach"

May After Co.Ro and more recently Cascada, May revisits this classic, originally written by Bruce Springsteen. Produced by Gambafreaks (one of the producers of Dhany's Dha Dha Tune, among others) and Robert-Eno DJ, 5 versions are available, plus a bonus B-side track entitled Kosmovegas. Also available on D:vision Club Session 7 sampler.

Piesa a mai fost preluata de Co.Ro, recent de Cascada iar acum cei de la DVision s-au gandit sa imbrace piesa intr-un nou format.
Va las sa-i descoperiti si voi pe cei de la May.

Fun Factory Annett Möller( the vocalist of Fun Factory) is back in the spotlight with a show at the german television NTV called Wissen.

Anett Moller a revenit cu un show Tv (Wissen) la televiziunea germana NTV.

News brought by Karine Sanche

Lasgo Fresh news from the show Let's go Lasgo .. The show still go in.. till now only 6 girls are competing to be the next Lasgo female vocalist.
You can vote too on Jim TV which girl deserve to be in Lasgo ...

Noutati de la showul Let's go Lasgo, se pare ca in finala au ramas 6 fete care vor sa devina noua voce Lasgo.
Puteti vota si voi pe siteul Jim TV cine merita sau cine nu sa fie noua fata Lasgo.

Dj Germey did a remix of Lasgo's succes Alone..

About Evi.. i found a nice live performance on youtube.. the video is for all those who are sayin that eurodance and eurotrance is just the lookin and the girls can't sing..

Jenny B is back is makin team with great deejay Favretto, togheter they release a cool track called "First floor".
Available only on the digital stores, the release contains four versions: the Original one, a Remix by Favretto himself, a very Radio-friendly version and also the great Remix by Diego Donati vs F&A Factor.

Jenny B cunoscuta dupa piesele Rhythm of the night a Coronei, Summer is magic, etc, a lansat impreuna cu Favretto un nou cantec numit"First floor".

News:Basic Element,Trixi Delgado,Starstylers, 2unlimited,Fun Factory, LayZee,September

Basic Element the guys from Basic element put on their myspace a new song called "Feeling". The song will be on thier new material who will be lunched next year.

Basic Element au pus pe profilul My Space noua piesa care va face parte de pe viitorul album.Piesa se numeste "Feelings".

U can listen the track HERE

Trixi Delgado(former Masterboy vocalist)did vocals on a track by Store n Forward, no info wether it will be released or not as single.

Trixi a dat voce unei piese a celor de la Store n Forward dar nu sunt inforamtii daca aceasta piesa va fi lansata.

Starstylers are back with a new single entitled "Won't You", a collaboration with NG.

Noul single Starstylers se va numi "Won't You" si o colaborare cu NG.

2Unlimited Anita and Ray, former 2 Unlimited members, are currently negociating for a possible 2 Unlimited reunion, for live gigs. Among other demands, they would like to be authorized to use legally under the band name. Both will also release their solo album at the same time, in September.

Anita & Ray negociaza pentru o posibila reuniune a grupului 2Unlimited.
Amandoi vor lansa in toamna noile albume solo.

Fun Factory Dennis replaced Joel in the new Fun Factory performers team. The forthcoming Fun Factory album title (previously known as In The Heat Of The Night) has been changed, it will be called Storm In My Brain.

Se pare ca vor fi noi schimbari in noua trupa Fun Factory , Dennis l-a inlocuit pe Joel, noul album se va numi "Storm In My Brain".

News brought by Karine Sanche

LayZee will be this week at RLT Ibiza Promo Party this week. The party will be on the german tv Pro7 Taff.

September the song "Cry for you(new edit)it's used by the german Tv Rtl 2 for a movie promo.