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Sharon May Linn - The audience for good music got really small

Hello, Sharon how did you start your music career?

I started to sing in a band in high school when I was 16, but my first paid gig came 2 years later. I was a bv singer and we also recorded some tunes in a pro studio. That's where I started to get noticed for my skills and dance productions began to come my way. 

 Many eurodance fans knows you from Blizzard and Netzwerk project - Dreams how was working for this project and which was your favorite project ?

Blizzard and Netzwerk, as Fathers Of Sounds projects were all coming from the same team of friends, in a combination or another. It was great fun working together. 

I know that you are the one who wrote Alex Gaudino hit Destination Unknown what was your inspiration for the track !? 

Regarding Destination Unknown, my inspiration was very based on my personal life concerning the lyrics....melody is always something that comes from a combination of factors like the instrumental track itself and my mood that precised day and moment. The version you all know is mine as actually my voice was left underneath Crystal's to support hers.

 One of my favorite tracks is a cover of Lisa Stansfield Little love released by you under Lil'Love it's the only song released as Lil Love!?

Little Love is the only release as Lil Love, we were working on a follow up but none of us was convinced of the track and so it just died. 

 What is your favorite eurodance artists: Dhany, Viviana Presutti, Alexia, Melody Castellari, Jenny Bersola Sandy Chambers, and you'd like to make a featuring or to wrote for her!?

I don't have a favorite eurodance artist also because as a matter of fact I consider myself more a house music artist: if you go through my discography you could tell......and I don't think a featuring with another singer is interesting. I can write for others though, something I do in between my own releases. 

 What do you think about the showbizz nowadays ? 

About showbizz nowadays I think a lot changed and not for the better.....unfortunately the audience for good music got really small and clubs are more interested in booking dj's than singers....which is a shame as the singers and the musicians are the real artists and not the dj's......

What advise can you share for young people who whats to become an artist !?

 To young people my advice is to cling on their passions and to keep up the ethics, which is difficult in this world, but very much needed. Do not accept compromises and remain yourself. Being an artist doesn't mean you are better or more important than non-artists. You simply chose a different and often more difficult way of's not all shiny!!! 

 What are your future projects ? 

I'm working on a lot of projects and I recently released a chill-out/deep-house tune called Shallow Waters on PURO MUSIC by Seamless Recordings. 

 A message for our readers!?

To all the readers thanks for your support and keep following me on my website and social profiles. Thank you

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Alexia "If you do dance you are not taken seriously"

This was the message  gave by Alexia to a morning radioshow. Asked what she things about the nowdays trends in music, Alexia said :

"In 90s i was doing dance, and was not took seriously as an artist, after the participation at Sanremo and  changing my style, and now when dance is back they ask me why not to comeback on dance,  because you are the best!... 

Alexia also metioned that will participate at Sanremo preselection with 2  tracks, and she's very nervous hoping that the tracks will be selected by the judges:

"Even that my songs will be not selected on preselection, i'm not worry, because i'm working on my next album and will be included" said Alexia    

Alexia was on of the best dance voices in the 90's till 2000 when she decided to take a turn in music, doing more pop rock to be credible, and taken seriously by critics.