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Cold by BLITZKIDS mvt.

The german project formed by Klaus Nomi, Petone, Ari, Bao, Pit-TEK and PONX with headquarter situated in Berlin.
BLITZKIDS mvt. was created as a tribute to german opera singer - Klaus Nomi who also is involved in this project. The singer also carries the name "Nomi" with avant-garde look exactly like a character from The Wizard of Oz.
I think that is the point to come out with something new on the market but also with - a good quality - you can take as example the food from restaurant and from fastfood...,an and BLITZKIDS mvt. can be compared with food from avant garde - resturant, and theri music is not adressed to all people just to some ones who loves avant-garde music... and BLITZKIDS mvt. are and avant garde band from Planet Nomi.

Their debut single was released 2011 and was called " Blinded" and i was blinded in did by the singer's look .. ,and now in 2012 comes with a new master piece called "Cold" written by Petone and Pit-TEK
BLITZKIDS mvt. is something new on the market ....but, has only one bad thing is not adressed to all people.. ;-)

more infos here


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