Medina and Anton Ewald

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Danish Gaga - Medina join forces  with the hottest Swedish pop export - Anton Ewald. The singer will collaborate on Anton's new  EP On My Way on the track This could be something, that will  be out with the video tomorrow on July 5th according to german channel Viva. Anton wrote the track together with Medina  who brought something new to the EP, and he hopes to conquer the rest of the world. 

 Anton Ewald explains: 

"We wrote the song together and it's no surprise that the video had to be very sensual, but where it comes to aa one-night stand ... (laughs). But everything was very relaxed, Medina was so professional, and  it was easy for me to work with her. I hope that the music video makes the song completely, as it should be.

The new track On my way that involves the danish singer Medina will be a hit why ? Because all the Europe will be on Anton Ewald feet and will be conquered by his charms like Nick Kamen did in the 90s.
Video preview


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