2Unlimited,666, Dr Alban, Andreea Britton

2Unlimited A special website has just been created for the promotion of Ray and Anita (2 Unlimited)'s new single In Da Name Of Love. (Thanks to Dance Music News)

666 plan to release a mash-up between Supadupafly and Tag Team's hit Whoomp (There It Is)

Cascada There are rumors about a forthcoming single of Cascada entitled Pyromania that has been remixed by Cahill.

Dr Alban and Haddaway will be on stage of the first 90s concert in France ! We Are The 90s will take place in Paris on February 13th. (Thanks to Klems)

Infos by Karine Sanche

Andrea Britton (Sunfreakz) team up with dutch Ron Verboom aka Earthscape and made this amazing track called "Believe In Me", the tune was released this month and can be found here

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