Janice Robinson - A new battle

Janice Robinson the first vocalist of Livin' Joy is passing this days through hard times, and shared on personal instagram a message to inspire people .

 "A creative vision of how to endure all of life’s hardest battles . I was born with a profound level of faith and even in this global dark hour I stay committed to trusting Gods divine purpose of my life . Today’s MRI is done and I have another MRI on next Tuesday for another part of my body . I have shared my life journey with you all simply to inspire you to build a relationship with God . These next few days for me will be incredibly hard as I wait for all the results during these days I will simply laugh and love my daughters and bring joy to my family and friends with my crazy sense of humor yep I will leave all my friends very funny messages that bring smiles to their face and joy to their hearts . Remember search within to find you’re strength for you are stronger then you think you are . " Janice

Follow Janice here : https://www.instagram.com/janicelovesmusic/

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