Inna launches new videos

It seems that the popcorn queen - INNA, is quite busy lately. Recently she launched on her official youtube account 3 videos all from album "Yo".

We start with "Te vas"   that Billboard mentioned  as : "  Inna's true authentic style, fusing house music with global rhythms. Lyrically, she sings about a love that is irreplaceable and even if the other person walks away, they’ll return someday. "'Te Vas' is a passionate love story told by the woman who was left behind," she says, emphasizing that even though she loves all her songs, this one is her favorite. "Each of these songs talks about a different experience, character, situation, something that I feel I have lived in another life."

The 2nd is Fuego artist discribing as  :" the most stylish, feminine and romantic. She’s constantly fighting for love and expresses her feelings “con fuego”(with fire). She chooses carefully her daily outfits. Good tequila is her fav. Just in case you see her in your journey 🤗 ouhhh ... I forgot... she looks younger than she is #Fuego #YO

And the 3th one Gitana dedicated to Zoe.
"She’s the youngest and craziest character in my stories. She loves Gucci and she enjoys dancing like a lunatic ... I’m in love with her ability of living her life with no rules."

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