Anita Doth - No to violence

The lead singer of eurodance group - 2 Unlimited - Anita Doth wants to report an delicate subject that these days are covered by the virus pandemie - Domestic Violence.   Because of the lockdown from previous weeks the victims of domestic violence are also locked with their butcher and afraid to call someone to help them. 
And Anita shared an old story because also was a victim :

1 day after getting seriously beaten up by the "rapper". I was batteling it out on stage. You can hear the anger in my voice and you can see my body language when he gets near. My hair is in a ponytail because most of my extensions were pulled out. Backstage our entourage told me this was our best show ever. Months later this footage would be used for the "spread your love" video without my knowledge. Ironic don't you think? I Share this because I want girls to know their strenght and power. Never put up with any abuse because it WILL happen again after apologies. Remember this: you are the Goddess!! 

If you are a victim please call this number :
Germany : 08000116016
Romania : 08000500333
Or contact European Fundamental Rights 

Schwarzenbergplatz 11 – 1040 Vienna – Austria 

Tel: +43 158030-0 – Fax: +43 158030-699 


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