Anita Doth she was hit once again ..

The half of 2Unlimited - Anita Doth is fighting once again with breast cancer. The news was shared by the singer on her instagram profile:

I Am fighting again. Just like so many others in the world. Just send us power, love and light and keep us in your prayers and meditations. That would mean the world to me and my kids. I am grateful for my family and friends support its so hard for them also. Especially mum and dad I can't imagine their pain. And I am grateful for the medical staff @olvgamsterdam. Just know that I am in my strenght. So I am wearing my smile like armour BAM. And to end on a positive note.... the chemotherapy is effective.. Anita Doth

Musically Anita Doth, recently release a new song you can read here
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