Another sad news for Anita!

                                                                                 Source: Anita Doth Fb

Sorry to start this day with this news, but I must say it anyway. Anita Doth from 2 Unlimited has breast cancer for the 2nd time, the sad news was gave to the singer last year on routine investigation. And is not the 1st time when is passing to this, in January 2011 was also treating but it seems that the problem appeared last year. In recent post shared by the singer, said that she will keep moving forward, and doing what is loving the most - music. All our positive thoughts is with this artist who show us that being an artist is not saves you from problems, even you are a star doesn't make you invincible are just like others but only difference is that your job is more different then others... #Blessyou #GoodThoughts #2Unlimited

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