The best gift for Anita Doth...

You all know that today's is Anita Doth  birthday, 2Unlimited lead singer and a fighter also!
 In a recent twitter post the singer said that she got the best gift that she want : breakfast in bed brought by her son :

Another birthday. Breakfast in bed from my precious son. Brought tears to my eyes. I feel blessed............ so blessed. said the singer

But she wanted one more thing:  no more children suffering on our planet.
If i could have one birthday wish it would be: no more children suffering on our planet. 
It's a tough one :)

But, there is a but in this story... what she really wants is your all support buying her music, and this way you can tell her that you love her so much  and she needs to stay for a very  long period.

One more thing  just in case  you don't know: Anita was the one who brought 2Unlimited alive! so give your love and support and buy her music.  


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