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The angelic voice is back

The angelic voice is coming with a new single. Christina Undhjem lead singer of YouKnowWho released a new masterpiece called "One Last Time", a tune wrote by her in the same style: slow pop, and can be found on

Christina is a Norwegian singer and songwriter born in Røros but currently resides in Bergen, and has lived in Denmark for 13 years. In 1995 she was one of the finalists in the Norwegian talent contest Looking against the stars (known as Stars in Their Eyes in Britain) where she imitated Whitney Houston. The following year she participated in the international final European Soundmix Show in Holland, where she came in a tie for second place.

After emigrating to Denmark in 1995 she went on the Rhythmic School in Bay, where she met Lars H. Jensen and Martin M. Larsson. The three formed the pop band You Know Who, where Undhjem was lead singer and signed to Universal. Group selvbetitlede debut album from 1997 sold 48,000 copies in Denmark, and hittede with singles like "Good & Evil" and "Guantanamera." from Christina website

It's a complete artist when i say that it's not like saying big words i watched her career and what she did till now amaze me... first of all is a good songwriter(not yet discovered by the hunters of hits) with angelic voice and the last and not least she love-music. She doesn't like to be compared with others ... cause is not like others .. for Christina music is much more: emotion, love & passion... and with a great management team can be "bigger then bigger" but she choose being just - Christina Undhjem (YouKnowWho lead singer)

She also contribuite at Yamino single "Fly with me" and Dj Aligator's smash hit "Dreams". Right now the singer/songwriter is working at her new material that will be released soon..
So keep on eye on her

Christina Bianco celebrate 16 years of Cash n Go

Christina Bianco from Pandera celebrate a few weeks ago 16 years of Cash N Go her actual project. 
Christina was the studio vocalist of euro reggae project Pandera with them she release Hits like: "I love you baby" , "Joy and Fun" , "Summer felling", "In my dreams", "We've got the power" to name a few and were very popular on Eastern Europe.


Pandera aka Christina Bianco

Photo: Mo'Acid

It was an enigmatic music project who made many great summer hits in the 90's but the project had no face only the voices cause was concepted by producer Franz Merwald as a studio project no scandals no egos between members just music summer music ...

But everyone keep asking who is behind of this project who they really are !? So in the 2012 the secret was revealed who stand behind of the project:  rapper Markus Schuster and the lead singer Christina Bianco.
So finally the Pandera project has a face not only the music that promoted the project..

Christina Bianco after the project she concentrated doing radio and tv spots,  but she has also a music project called Mo'Acid that plays various hits more infos here.

Pandera back on stage

I wonder why Christina Bianco she never talks about her this case Pandera who was a succesfull euro reggae project in Eastern Europe..
Christina was the studio voice of this project  releasing 3 albums but only this year we found out who is that voice,  every summer cheering up with her happy summer songs.
The singer mention on her FB account that is promoting her debut album "More Soul Secrets" and can be seen performing live on 31.10. / 02.11. and 03.11.2012 in BÜRGERSAAL/Germany ...

Christina Undhjem - It´s not very often i get "goosebumps" from an new artist theese days!

First i want to know how did you start your music career ?
Hehehe.....well profesionaly in Denmark with my band YOUKNOWWHO in 1995! But before that i went to different music schools: folkehøgskule and viken folkehøgskule in Norway and Vig Rytmiske Musikkhøjskule from Danemark.
I also came from a very musical family. They tought me alot!Specially my brother Eivind Løberg(composer and former childstar in Norway)

So you came from a family of musicians... that explains the mark from your music...

Who came with YouknowWho name ?
I can't remember who came up with the band name.....but i do remember that we wrote a song called "YouKnowWho" but it never got released!

Who wrote the songs from Youknowwho material ?
Me, Martin Larsson and Lars Jensen wrote the tracks on the YouKnowWho album!And was produced in Lemon Studio Stockholm/Sweden by Chairon/Max Martin and Dennis Pop.

Do you still keep in touch with your colleagues ?
I don't really have contact with the guys anymore!They´re in  US now. We took different roads...but who knows what the future brings!:)

One of my favorites songs from you are: "Fly with me"(Yamino), "Dreams"(Dj Aligator) and "Underneath My Skin"... Those songs have a story if they do what are  ?
Hmmm hard 'cause i don't remember Fly with me about Dj Aligator - "Dreams" - Ali want me to sing that song thought it would fit my voice it is so long time ago, I can't remember if i co-wrote it. "Underneath my skin" it's song i like too because i could relate to the lyrics but i do not write!. I don't know if those song have a story... BUT i´m glad you like them!

What inspires you when you write songs ?
What inspires me to write?! ..Well... from life cause every experience has a i write about what i go trough in life. But i also get inspired by the norwegian nature!!!!I find it easy to write when i miss something or someone! I am very sensitive and melancolic :)

For which artists did you wrote? Why did you stop doing dance music ?
I never loved to sing dance music, but sometimes you have to compromise when you´re in a band!
I am into slow music because i'm a melancolic girl..
But do love to write dance music for other artists!!!! But not for myself to release!
I have written for Danish artists,sweedish,german,asian,nowegian,UK,US what i can think of right now! The biggest cut i have had is Jeniffer Rush´s new album "Now Is The Hour"!!!!

Christina you are the hole package - artist with beauty, talent and you wrote amazing lyrics if a big producer whats to make you bigger would you accept it ? Or do you think that commercial music is not what you want to do ?
I love comercial music,but it must be great project!!!!!!And it has to be me in it!! :)

What do you think about music market now ?
Well the music market now is not what it used to be! I miss the old days! ... There will never be a new Whitney, Michael, Pavarotti to name a few!!!And i think it's easy too to become an artist theese days.....cuz you don't have to be a good singer just good looking!!
It´s not very often i get "goosebumps" from an new artist theese days! It's so,so sad!!!

Do did you always dreamed to be a singer ?
Yes,and i will always sing till my last days!! :)

In the future whit whom do you like to work with ?
I would love to work with Rolf Løvland,Gino Vannelli(have worked with him before)and David Foster!!!

Tell me about your new song "One Last Time" what is the story behind ?
The story behind my new song?! I think once in life we all had an bad experience with - broken heart! "One Last Time" - is my story!

What are your future projects
My future projects ... hmmm is to write more songs for me and for other artits!
I hope that one day to get signed with some serious label, who wants the best for me and my music....doers not talkers and i will like to do music movie!!! That is one of my biggest make music for movies!!!

A message do you have for us ?

A message ?! hmmm
Think for yourself and do it yourself!

Visit also her official page

YouKnowWho singer back in studio

                                                      source: facebook
The lead singer of danish europop group YouKnowWho is back in studio writing  new songs, the message was shared by the singer on her official facebook account.

Finally writing a new song, been a while now! When writing a song u need to be in a good state of mind and have no interruptions, its like meditation 🦋 Who knows how this one will turn out, maybe it’s THE hit song 🏆🤣🙏🏼😇 Christina😎

We don't know if the song is meant for the 90s project who had hits, and selling 100.000 copies around the Europe., but we are exciting to see what  comes up!

The Party is Over by Engelina

Engelina is back but this time with another project Svenstrup &Vendelboe. Engelina was the front vocalist of danish project Dj Encore. The collaboration  with Dj Encore started in 2000 when she was introduced to Dj Encore by an employee Sony saying that her vocals would fit with dj Encore music. And he was right, because their 1st single that Engelina released with Dj Encore was  "I See Right Through to You" , a big hit in Danemark, UK.
But unfortunately in 2002 after  Intuition release  she left the project, and she joined  the girl pop trio Sha Li Mar,  with Christina Undhjem (former lead singer in YouKnowWho) and Ida Corr.

In a interview Engelina confess that she hated to be compered with a poster girl,  and said also was the real reason of her departure form Dj Encore.

I wanna be remembered through my music work as an artist,  not being  just the pretty face from a dance project . said the singer
Engelina wrote songs for famous artists like Kyle Minogue, Medina, Bass Hunter, F(x) and Asle who had a big club hit Remedy and My  war.

Now she came back on danish dance scene with a new song entitled The Party Is Over Festen Er Forbi who is included on Svenstrup Og Vendelboe debut album.

*UPDATE I hope that i will see her in more dance projects...and she did with Rune RK. The new song it's called Are you burning and was released under Spinnin records

Vivian Sessoms back?

It makes happy to talk about this artist who was a pioneer in eurodance industry, if you don't know who i'm talking about, i give a clue: "Suggardaddy" "No communication", "Ten Minutes" are the few tracks that made it in US, and this lady was responsible.
Bingoboys was the project , that Viviana Sessoms was involved, an Austrian project   made by  3 dj Klaus Biedermann, Paul Pfab, Helmut Wolfgruber.
The fame came out in '94 with "No Communication", who was a huge hit in Eastern Europe but not only and Vivian Sessoms was the lady who sung that track.
But like other eurodance projects the shadow of oblivion came on this project, and i don't know why!
Vivian came a year later with smooth song entitled "Luv Connection"  in collaboration with Dj  Towa Tei and also worked on  "Sound Museum" with the same dj.

What is doing now!? is concentrated over her solo career, and a new track is done named  "Want"  the date of release is not yet posted but will be a jazz song for sure.
Recently she performed with Christina Aguilera at  "Times 100 Most Influential People gala".
 If you dare to ask me if she's coming back on Bingoboys !
I really don't know only the producers can decide that, if they kept  her  that project become successful like Dj Bobo and Scooter who are keep doing music even now for almost 25 years !

Eurodance it's a commercial music and someone are get in just  to make easy money stealing synths and remixing, and this is killing this genre because is not done with love for  music,  that's why singers are quitting  because are not payed, and replaced after that  with puppets who are lypsinging.  It's sad but it's a fact, and this is show bizz !
Have a good day and thanks for reading my blog!


Inna mania started  in 2009 when "HOT" become a huge success all over Europe and not only. For the Romanian girl born near Black Sea in Constanta was something new and unbelieved can be compared like Cinderella story.
Acclaimed by her fans and hated by some envious people Inna became a brand for a country who never dared to break the european music industry.
Her love for spanish language was converted in huge success in a latin country like - Mexic, and the singer release a few singles in spanish as a tribute for their love, and the InnaMania already started with chasing cars, in hotels,  marriages requests  and thousands of letters.
I don't know what her route is in this industry maybe Japan or a Grammy award!? Who knows!? Only their fans can decide if Inna it's able to walk on the same red carpet with international artists such: J.LO, Christina Aguilera or Pitbull.

15 songs to listen when you drive your car

Everyone is doing a top 15 of the most played songs eurodance, peace what ever, so i decided to put my 15 songs that is better to listen when you drive home..:)

15. Whigfield Jeg Kommer Hjem

14. September - Can't get Over 

13. Desaparecidos - La Noche


12. Armin van Bureen - Fine without you  

11. Jes - Before you go 

10.N-Trance - Forever

9. Paulina Rubio - Don't say Goodbye

8. Inna - Endless

7. AnnaGrace - Let the feeling go

6.Milk inc - Run 

5. Serebro - Mama lover

4. KMC feat. Sandy - Get Better

3. Dj Aligator feat.Christina Undhjem - Dreams 

2. Benassi Bros. feat. Dhany - Rocket to the sky 

1. Me & My - Fly High

If you like it or you have suggestions please leave your comments bellow and remeber is not a top just playlist with 15 songs for your car:)

2012 Review ...

This year was not so rich in eurodance news but  i will review the most important ones  and we start with 80's Diva - Sandra Cretu who came with a new material made with the guys from Blank & Jones  called  So 80's Presents - Sandra Curated by Blank & Jones  and  brand new one Stay in Touch.

2012 was the year when Da Buzz "started to sing again",  Annika Thörnquist  and Per Lidén(ex former FreeBee) brought to market the new single "Got this feeling" and their latest is called "Tomorrow" .

Brooklyn Bounce returned  with a new video - "Canda!", their remake from "99 but with a new remix made by DafHouse

Bosson  came also with a new material entitled "Love is in the air".

Was "Miracle" for Regi (Milk Inc) when he ask his partner - Elke Vanelderen (tv presenter) to be his wife.

Gathania also came in 2012 with a new single "Nobody's braking me" who was a message for haters,  that she is still doing music but strong words.

2012 was a good year for Samira (Maxx, Slam) when she came on music scene with a new music project and a new album more here.

DEE DEE came back after a long break with a new material, right now the singer is preparing a new video for this single.

Another big suprise was from the half Me & My member - Pernille Giorgi when she reinvent herself i must say  and this tells how :)

This year was great for us too when whe had the opportunity to talk with the most angelic voice from european scene  Christina Undhjem ( YouKnowWho, Dj Aligator, Yamino).

Another interview came from one of the most succesfufl trance singer Andrea Britton.

Manu LJ the new dance sensation from Offlimits Production said yes to be our official face.

Ellie White  refused the offer from Dj Project to came back.

2012 was also a year of scandals one is from Bad Boys Blue .

Fragma team said that Damae is no longer the vocalist of the project.( I wonder why!? hmm)

Ray & Anita finally won their battle with producers Phil Wilde and Jean-Paul De Coster, to use again the name 2 Unlimited that have established them as the biggest eurodance project of the world.

2012 was the year when we discover who's behind of Pandera.

This were the most, from my point, the biggest news from 2012.
I hope you'll like it and i wish you a better year and we hope that in 2013 you'll still keep Eurodanceblog no1 on google rank.



Tell it to my heart

Loona aka Carisma said on her FB account that the new single will be called "Tell it to my heart" (cover after Taylor Dayne success), and was made in duet with Cassey Doreen.
More infos about the video will be posted by Loona in the couple days on her FB account...

Teri B! newest single it's called Shut UP! and was made Kid Chris. The single was released under sumemusic Germany  and was wrote by Terri and it's message to the ones who talks to much.... preview here

Inna announced her fans on twitter that a new song is ready, but she didn't mention when will be released or called.

Christina Undhjem co-wrote de debut single of  Cindy called "Love will find a way" preview here 

Medina, Ida Corr

Medina release a new single for the danish public called "12 Dage(12 Days)" the story of video is about "wrong love" and was release this days. The single was official presented last week at "X Factor final in Denmark" also there Medina presented the english version of"For Altid" "Forever".


Ida Corr came with a new single called "Naughty Girl". Corr got her professional singing start in the Danish girl group Sha Li Mar with Christina Undhjem (formerly the lead singer of YouKnowWho) and Engelina Larsen (formerly the featured vocalist of DJ Encore); the short-lived trio released a self-titled album in 2002 before disbanding. In 2004 Corr she wrote her own career releasing many songs but the international success came in 2007 with dutch producer Fedde Le Grand and now is trying to conquer the public with this new single..