Vivian Sessoms back?

It makes happy to talk about this artist who was a pioneer in eurodance industry, if you don't know who i'm talking about, i give a clue: "Suggardaddy" "No communication", "Ten Minutes" are the few tracks that made it in US, and this lady was responsible.
Bingoboys was the project , that Viviana Sessoms was involved, an Austrian project   made by  3 dj Klaus Biedermann, Paul Pfab, Helmut Wolfgruber.
The fame came out in '94 with "No Communication", who was a huge hit in Eastern Europe but not only and Vivian Sessoms was the lady who sung that track.
But like other eurodance projects the shadow of oblivion came on this project, and i don't know why!
Vivian came a year later with smooth song entitled "Luv Connection"  in collaboration with Dj  Towa Tei and also worked on  "Sound Museum" with the same dj.

What is doing now!? is concentrated over her solo career, and a new track is done named  "Want"  the date of release is not yet posted but will be a jazz song for sure.
Recently she performed with Christina Aguilera at  "Times 100 Most Influential People gala".
 If you dare to ask me if she's coming back on Bingoboys !
I really don't know only the producers can decide that, if they kept  her  that project become successful like Dj Bobo and Scooter who are keep doing music even now for almost 25 years !

Eurodance it's a commercial music and someone are get in just  to make easy money stealing synths and remixing, and this is killing this genre because is not done with love for  music,  that's why singers are quitting  because are not payed, and replaced after that  with puppets who are lypsinging.  It's sad but it's a fact, and this is show bizz !
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