Alexia a new real story!

Recently in a live stream Alexia shared a story with her fans why was hidden in the previous projects that she collaborate .

In the video "Think about the way" made with Ice Mc, who  was a huge hit,  another person appear, and did the role.... Why!? said Alexia,  because i was not a commercial face at that time...

Many of you  are asking when the reunion with Ice MC, i think , never 'cause Ice don't want to share .. and like we all know Alexia is open ...but rappers like in many other projects don't want to share with original singers, and is better to find more cheap vocalists instead.

Anyway also Alexia  mentioned that is open for collaborations with young artists more infos you can find on her social pages:

My interview with Alexia here

Janice Robinson - A new battle

Janice Robinson the first vocalist of Livin' Joy is passing this days through hard times, and shared on personal instagram a message to inspire people .

 "A creative vision of how to endure all of life’s hardest battles . I was born with a profound level of faith and even in this global dark hour I stay committed to trusting Gods divine purpose of my life . Today’s MRI is done and I have another MRI on next Tuesday for another part of my body . I have shared my life journey with you all simply to inspire you to build a relationship with God . These next few days for me will be incredibly hard as I wait for all the results during these days I will simply laugh and love my daughters and bring joy to my family and friends with my crazy sense of humor yep I will leave all my friends very funny messages that bring smiles to their face and joy to their hearts . Remember search within to find you’re strength for you are stronger then you think you are . " Janice

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Ann Lee - Save me

The voice of 2 times - Annerley Gordon came this year with a new single "Save Me" . Irony or not the single came out after the concert from Spain were Annerley sang "Saturday Night". And guess what ? She is Whigfield sorry i have the ear of music and i had the informations from some who worked there and said that in the period of 2 Times, a promoter didn't want to promote her cause was not a "sexy girl".
Also according to some sources Annerley was released from previous contract so for sure we can see the real Whigfield on stage, so expect the unexpected...

"Save me" can be found on all digital megastores and here 
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Ilmwelle 90s in Bayern!

                                    Ilmwelle90s :

Best of me

After the collaboration with Lane Mc Cray for some 90s shows, the legend of 90s - Kim Sanders is back with this song entitled - "Best of Me".
The song is an anthem  for the girls world wide. And according to plan project, the song :
"The Best Of Me" reflects the commitment to the rights of girls and young women worldwide. The emotional song is a hymn to confidence. For a long time, Plan International Germany has been particularly committed to the equal rights of girls and young women in its work. Vision, Part of International Plan Strategy: We are building a world where 100 million girls can learn, guide, decide and thrive. This commitment and decades of successful work for equality in the Plan partner countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America includes "The Best Of Me". The music reflects content, emotions and themes that move girls and young women on their way to a self-determined life: enthusiasm, pride, joy, hope, commitment, assertiveness, perseverance and energy. 

More infos here

Music: Jürgen Christ Lyrics: Ansgar Böhme Producer: Florian Sitzmann