Holding on..

The danish Gaga - Medina is preparing a new single after a long break. The message was posted by the singer on Facebook:

It’s been a while... But you kept holding on, asking for more music, I love you all so much for that...“Holding On” IS OUT AUG 2 💕

More infos here

Novaspace not a secret anymore

The project initiated by Felix Gauder in 2000 - Novaspace, had a big success in 2000, not only by the trance sounds but also by the blonde "singer" who later was revealed that was a good actress, and never sang for this project.  By mistake i found out who really was.. but and that time  nobody believe it, till now when the real voice confirmed that she was the voice behind of the project - Rita Orlando . More infos about Rita, and what is doing now" here "

Anita Doth 2Unlimited it's a closed chapter

Anita Doth lead singer of 2Unlimited, and one responsible of the 2U comeback  in 2009 and of the name in the next year, shared a  few thoughts about 2U period :

2 Unlimited is a closed chapter. The songs are for ever. But I am not in the group. I go my on way now, and some seriously interesting project coming up. Next Level. New Chapter. said the singer

The singer left the project in 2016, and was replace by Kim Vergouwen from Dance Nation.  Anita Doth said in a interview for dutch paper  the real reason why the split in 1996,  it was a toxic relationship but in front of public we must look like the perfect ones. The interview was made after his colleague Ray published the biography.  And Ray targeting Anita in few posts from Facebook.

Engelina is back or maybe not!?

The lead singer of danish project Dj Encore - Engelina is back this time with news, but unfortunately not as singer but as author of Nabiha newest single "Zen".

"It was fun to write this song for Nabiha" said Engelina

Nabiha is the Pink danish version, like i would love to say, and she release songs like Mind of the gab,  Ask yourself, Animals  and "Zen" metaphoric speaking "it's about to let go of bad things, and enjoy life " The single can be found here

Alexandra Prince ready for summer

The voice of Sqeezer, Blümchen, Hot Banditoz Laava, is coming this summer with a cover after Bobby Hebb entitled "Sunny" . The cover was made with Ferry Ultra

Being a huge fan of the original by Bobby Hebb, Ferry decided to have a go on this classic his way…a beautiful uptempo rendition sung in Portuguese by Alexandra Prince. 

"Sunny" will be released on August 23nd and can be pre order on all digital megastores.