Hot Summer With Hot Girls

We just took a tour of social networks to find out ... what are our artists do this summer .... so also for many of them the summer was hot!

         Sabrina Salerno 
     Eleni Foureira 
        Yasmin (Alex C)
           Petra Marklund September
    Plavka Jam & Spoon
      Evi Goffin lead singer Lasgo
Manu LJ
Lydia Pockaj E-Rotic Missing Heart
Alexandra Stan
Linn Maria SDC

Ramona Nerra - Let's just dance

Ramona Nerra is back with the 2nd single entitled Let's Just Dance, it's a song with summer vibes, written by Ramona , Dr. Mako and Kalif, and the release date is gonna be next week.

Let's just dance is the second single that Dr. Mako, and I have composed , and we are releasing this year. 
It's a tropical song that takes you to the holiday, makes you dream, and forget your problems. The song has a positive message : as you are... your are perfect, you do not have to change anything, live your life, be the lion who recall his power, and DANCE! 
Dancing is an expression of happiness. And Kalif part with his rap in Spanish brings a surplus of energy, and good vibes. Because... what you need is ...Just Dance  said Ramona Nerra

More infos here

Anita Doth a new collaboration

After the departure from 2Unlimited, Anita Doth the lead singer of the group came back with this amazing collaboration with OJKB entitled "Like A Lion", the song is very catchy, and was released on First Class Music, and can be pre order on all digital megastores .

Sonic Dream Collective with a new single...

After the comeback of Abba , another project from Sweden rejoined to bring new music. I am talking about Sonic Dream Collective formed by Linn Wågberg, Anders Wågberg and Jon Hällgren, who decided to comeback this year in the  90s event in Sweden but also to create new stuff in the old style after 19 years of silence.

The news was confirmed by Linn Wågberg lead singer :

We just started working on the song. I'm going to start working on the lyrics next week so it doesn't have a titel yet. But it definitely sounds like SDC;)

Sonic Dream Collective made their debut in '94 with the single Take me back,  but the popularity came after their singles : Don't go breaking my heart , Oh baby All,  I wonder why, Love, and the press  compare them  in that period with Ace of Base.

More infos about Sonic Dream you can find here 

Pink! told them that were wrong!

Invited a few weeks ago on The Graham Show, Pink! confessed that her manager from the record company didn't want to promote her album "Beautiful Drama" because "she is too old!" but he changed his mind.... and was a wise decision because the album become no. 1.