JES - Heartbeat Tonight

The trance diva JES is back with this amazing tune entitled HeartBeat Tonight. The tune  was made in collaboration with Elevven and was released in Armin van Buuren show #ASOT874.

Terri B ! hits again...

Terri B! the voice of DONS, 2Eivissa, Future Breeze came with a smashing hit. The new single is called Take Me Away, and was made with french project  WATF.

Terri B! about the collaboration :

The music was so amazing.    It’s about life, with many ups , and downs, and how we somehow find our way. WATF has a wonderful sound that is filled with emotions, and that’s why I took a chance on the track. It reminds me a lot of blind heart in the texture. It’s about just wanting to get away.

The song personally I like, and even more when the song describes that moment in life when you meet some one .... and you wait the approval, and the other one is confuse,  and that makes you crazy, and you want to go way...
Take me away is definitely a summer hit.

Spotify : Take me away 
Facebook: Terri B!  

Starley - Down Easy

The Australian singer Starley who release the megahit of summer 2016 - Call on me, is back with a new single.
Starley  join forces with Showtek and Moti for the next summer single entitled - Down Easy. 
The single follow the same style like her previous hit single Call on me. 

More infos about Starley here


Kard - Ride on the wind

The Korean project Kard are back with a mini album entitled Ride on the wind. The song that promotes the mini album has the same name and is definitely a summer anthem.


BlackBox with a real vocalist

If you are 90ies fan  you probably you know Ride in time from Black Box. The song is still a 90ies anthem with the strong vocals borrowed from Martha Walsh. But this is an old story, now the italian team: Daniele Davoli, Mirko Limoni and Valerio Semplici are back with a new face of the project a live orchestra, and a strong vocalist who can delete the mistakes done by the producers in the past. Her name is Celestine and to my surprise  can definitely the new face of this amazing project.
Recently the team release a new single entitled Everyone will follow. 
  This another performance from Celestine:

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