Mike Candys feat Evelyn Again

On Evelyn's official page was posted a news about a her comeback in Mike Candys project.  Evelyn is a Swiss singer that was known after the hits :Togheter Again , One night in Ibiza, and 2012. The collaboration with Mike stopped because she wanted to go on her own, but Mike was still behind the tracks that she released. 
The tittle of the new track is unknown yet... but soon will be shout it out on Evelyn's page. Till then be Together Again..:) 

Big reunion from Sylver

                                          Source: MNM
The belgian radio station, prepared for their listeners a surprise. On the morning show  they invited John Miles Jr., Silvy De Bie and Wout van Dessel the members of Sylver to perform together one of their hits. And the miracle happen, the band had intention  to release some new stuff  as Sylver.

The word is out ! Sylver is back for the BIG REUNION ! Follow us on our official instagram page SylverMusic Hope to see you there !! The Big Kick Off starts March 26th in Sportpaleis Antwerp !! wrote Sil on Instagram

Sylver is belgian euro trance project who made their debut in 2000 with Turn The Tide, Skin , and mega success Forgiven.  The album that this tracks were extracted it's called Chances with lot of success in Germany but also in other countrys. The band release 5 albums and 2 best of albums but in 2012 after their last release City of angels decided to take a break till now...

Jim Reeves died at age 47

UPDATE According to Bild magazine, Jim was found dead in room of a hotel from Stuttgart. The police found the body...
Posted by The Eurodance Blog on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Velvet - Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire is entitled the new single that Jenny Marielle Pettersson aka Velvet will release this year. Like i mentioned in my previous news from FB last year, Jenny already shoot the video from this single in America in old movie theater.
The singer said that the atmosphere from that place fits very well with the single, a single that was wrote by Pitchline the one who singed many songs - Velvet.

 Friendly Fire is the name of the song, written by Pitchline, who also wrote Take My body Close, Come Into the Night, My Destiny etc. 
The video is recorded in Detroit at Michigan theater. A beautiful old movie theater from 1916. This song is very special to me, and i really I Love it:) said Velvet

Velvet for most of you who don't know, is the one who launched the huge dance hit Rock down to.. Electric Avenue, in 2005 cover after Eddy Grant, and Chemistry in 2007.
This year is back, and she promise a big comeback with this tune.
For more infos check this page

Diva Prince is back..

  It's my first time when i write again an article, and this time is an honor to open the blog with this artist - Alexandra Prince
Don't worry i am not doing because i must, just because this artist amaze me with her voice, and this time she did it, once again! 
Her new single it's an collaboration with Ben Delay and Nervos Records  after Brandy & Monica huge hit "The boy is mine". 
What is so special of this cover !? For me the rhythm, the old rhythm that really want to hear more often, but also the voice that is pure, and not synthesized voice with different programs that today is used to be more robotic then human, of course  .. when you are high you cannot make difference... but i like the natural voice and not the other one.. 
Anyway.. i am so glad that this lady, who gave so much to eurodance scene came back in 2016 with this amazing dance track, and i hope that she will shock us in a good way with more tunes like this... Preview here 


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