Alexia and Sanremo

Alexia one of the 90s legends of eurodance, but also the queen of this genre, is not a title gave by me, just by the press, confess with a new edition of Italian festival Sanremo, that is cheering the participants, and also saying that it's a good experience. o

 Today begins, that week... for those who do my job, and participate in the Sanremo Festival is the most important event of the year. For me Sanremo, has always been synonymous with great satisfaction. I participate in 2002 with "Dimmi Come" when everyone thought I was foreigner , and few knew me, and I came out almost a winner (like the lion I had to wait a year later with "Per dire di no"  a song written together with Alberto Salerno I won the big prize:))
 It is a special, and exciting stage, and I wish all my colleagues to enjoy it to the end! #sanremo2019 

Musically speaking, Alexia is preparing a new album this year, and recently came from Japan where she had a tour in the most important cities and performing live  all her success in unplugged versions all the videos can be found on Alexia instagram.

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