Chris Malinchak and Kiesza - 'Weird Kid'

Kiesza disappear from media attention but, between 40 shits garbage of youtube, I found this masterpiece release a few months ago by Kiesza, who she is a real fan of 90s dance music. So, I thought to give some help. :)

Kiesza made this song together with Chris MalinChak saying that" she always been the "Weird Kid" The one that doesn’t quite fit the mould. I laugh at the wrong time. I can never quite deliver a punch line. I’m awkward, I’m clumsy, and am equally as extroverted as I am introverted. I can’t remember names but I can remember an entire encyclopedia of random facts on demand. I think out loud. And I question my brain on a daily basis as much as I question myself. But I know I’m not the only Weird Kid out there... so this one’s for all of us. "
 The song can be found on all digital platforms, so sit back and enjoy #Goodmusic 🎶
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