When top 40s radio are making fun of your work...

I will start to write about a fact that continuously happen on 90s events. A year ago but also this year I was witness of this thing that affects not only the artist but also the public - top 40 radios who are giving a ...... to eurodance genre are mentioned on 90s event as media promotor, and I really don't understand why ? 
They laugh when they put your music, and tell that this not music ... but the things are different when you pay them and the things look differently
The same problem was mentioned by the Snap! vocalist when she mentioned a few time ago that on the period of their first single the manager gave an envelope for radio music manager ... and she was amazed, why !? 
But things are real ,managers are paying to be promoted in this radios just to be in their shitty playlist (who are brain wash the listeners..., cause are brain wash radios.. 10 songs played over and over ), and now they used 90s event to be more powerful
In a world were money rules the world at least let's be honest , and let's  promote media who really care of your work, especially nowadays  when no ones cares...and give them credit for their work. 

So dear promoters of this 90s events please ... be fair.... and credit the ones who really cares of this genre, and google search knows how the things are...   

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