Sex favoritism for fame..

                                            Source: nbcnews
You are familiar, I think, with the mega scandal of hollywood producer,  and actresses are coming out with their stories....about the incidents, anyway not only in movie industry happen this kind of stuff, everywhere. The wolf dressed in sheep are attracting innocent  girls, who are looking fame, some are beware of this .... doing compromise just for 5 minutes of fame  others are rapped and they hidden cause are ashamed and others are killing them self.
But i am angry ... cause i see now girls after they were famous coming out over the incidents ... just to  get attention to press, cause now are in shadow.. why not to share your story exactly when event happen like Alexandra Stan did   in 2013 ?
Why now... how many of singers are sleeping with the producers ... just for a 5 minutes,  and they have no idea what note song it is ? And real voices are hidden behind of this prostitutes, cause let's face it they are ...  , in the race of achieving success is more easy... to choose  sex then hard work !
My message is addressed to smart ones choose the voice and not the face... cause not every time  the face is the voice...
And to keep your mind busy I will post this film about. Korean music industry Registered & Protected