Petra Marklund a new job?

Like i said in my previous post about Petra Marklund, the singer left the dance scene concentrate over her new career as Petra Marklund and not September. 
Recently the singer received an offer to be a tv presenter for swedish television who starts this summer, the singer is very enthusiastic about the project and she hopes that she'll do a great job.
About the music project, Petra recorded new songs for another swedish material that will be ready later this year.
Petra was one of the famous dance singers she conquered Europe dance floors with her voice, counting .. i think 12 hits release as September  2 as Petra Marklund.
In 2011 was the last year for September when she release the last single Party in my head. Why this turn ? the singer confess in a Swedish magazine that she wanted something else.. she wanted to express her darkest thoughts, and the album Inferno  was the material who shows another face of September aka Petra Marklund.
Let's hope that she will come back on Europe scene with more dance songs, and she doesn't follow another singer example - Alexia who disapear.... (Special thanks to Mael)    

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