N-trance team doesn't like opinions

After they posted a message on Twitter "If any of you bunch meet Kelly on a gig, give her a big hug & say... we miss ya." 
Kelly Llorenna retweet the message and smiled tagging Eurodanceblog and Ntrance after ..i answered with message that we all miss her in N-trance and...surprise... a cynic message from N-trance came calling us Idiots!!
I think that 1st message addressed to Kelly that they miss her has other meaning, they don't want their songs to be played  by Kelly Llorenna in concerts.

So returning to N-trance i just want to remind them just in case if their memory is small, that in 
Charter of Fundamental Rights and Basic Freedoms specifies exactly what i did : 

Article 17
(1) The freedom of expression and the right to information are guaranteed.
(2) Everyone has the right to express their opinion in speech, in writing, in the press, in pictures, or in any other form, as well as freely to seek, receive, and disseminate ideas and information irrespective of the frontiers of the State.
(3) Censorship is not permitted.

Here is the hole conversation:

I wanna thank to N-Trance for this topic that i wrote in my blog but also because you show us THE REAL FACE !! 

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