Bad boy is back!

Ak Swift  the bad boy from eurodance scene is back with a new project. Ak Swift  lead rapper  of Magic Affair is releasing tomorrow a new single with american rappers: Struggle da Preacher and Young Noble. 365 Grind it's called, and it's a hip hop song. Ak Swift is not a stranger to this genre, in 1997  released under MCA records 2 hits: The Game and The light of me,and the single launched tomorrow wants to be the next success of the euro rapper. 

365 Grind  is about working hard for what you want,  and fighting off haters in the process says rapper

About the Magic Affair Ak Swift and Franca Morgano are not a team anymore, the rapper confirmed that Magic Affair will be without him as rapper. 
......will be no more Magic Affair with me in it, I have my own thing running right now said Ak Swift

More infos about his new project can be found here


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