Liza da Costa a new album

Liza da Costa former Captain Jack announced her fans that a new album is on the way,the material is made with her actual project Hotel Bossa Nova.

Liza da Costa was one of the best vocalist of Captain Jack project. Captain Jack, Soldier Soldier, Another one bits the dust, impressed the international artists and one of them was Madonna who used  Captain Jack version of Holiday in one of her world tours.
Liza left Captain Jack in 1998 when she decide to take her own road, but that project remains a sensitive subject who now belongs  to her past. 
2000 was the year of comeback when she release a summer song named Banana Coco  under Virgin records who become a popular cocktail, and used in all professional dance contests.

Liza also denies the collaboration William Shatner - Miss United States.

There's a song on internet Miss United Sates that i never did, right now i'm concentrated over my music project Hotel Bossa Nova that i like so much.  said the singer

Hotel Bossa Nova album will be out later this year, and will  be a combination of Jazz and Salsa. . For more infos


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